BRP hinted last week that it would be entering the side-by-side market with its Can-Am brand. This lead to our speculation on what the company could have up its sleeve as they stated they wanted to be a leader in a new market segment, and have a penchant for thinking outside of the box. Seeing as how the Can-Am Spyder took a whole new meaning to what riding a motorcycle/trike can be like, we expected the same lineage in the Can-Am SxS. That seems fairly obvious, right? Oh how we were wrong. Horribly, horribly, horribly wrong.

BRP has announced today that they bring out five side-by-side models, dubbed the Commander (800, 800 XT, 1000, 1000 XT and 1000 X). Congrats on making a product that competes directly with four other offerings from larger brands Can-Am. We’re sure the Commander is a hoot and a holler, but we were expecting something a little bit more…different.

Source: Can-Am

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  • Ian

    Hoping or expecting? Did you honestly expect an XBow-a-like? This was ALWAYS going to be a dull 2 seater ATV. Snooze….

  • Dark Horse

    Leader in a new market segment? Haven’t UTV’s been around for a long time now?

    I seriously doubt this thing will be leading any new market segments, not to mention the fact that it is utterly and completely FUGLY.

  • John

    Are you kidding? The performance of the new Commanders is far beyond what is currently available. I’ve driven ALL the new Commanders, and EVERY OTHER UTV on the market that claims performance. It’s my job to evaluate them all, and today the Commander is at the top of the class! What have you been driving?

  • Wayne

    Yea John, he has to be kidding. I have been there and seen the Commander tested up beside 5 other popular brands and there is no comparison, especially when you start talking horsepower.

    Ugly Dark Horse? Really, I thought it was about the coolest thing I have ever seen.

  • keith

    dark horse must own a rzr, poor guy is going to get run over by every commander he comes accross including the 800 model.c

  • on crack?

    This is the dumbest post I have read on the internet all year. Don’t worry though…there is still 6 months for someone else to post something dumber…