Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle to be sold at Best Buy

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In an unlikely venue you may soon find one of the first mass-produced electric motorcycles. Starting in May, five Best Buy locations near the West Coast will begin stocking the Brammo Enertia, a $12,000, carbon fiber-intensive electric motorcycle that stores its power in large format, lithium-phosphate battery packs from made by Valence.

The unlikely pairing makes more sense when you hear that Best Buy Capital extended a few million dollars in investment capital to Brammo last September. According to Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher, “What we’re selling is a lot closer to consumer electronics than to transportation.” Features like integrated GPS and WiFi chips allow a bevy of interesting high-tech optional third-party accessories for the Enertia.

We’re still not sure how titling and sales will work exactly inside the Best Buy locations, and the thought of a Best Buy salesperson indoctrinating new riders to the world of motorcycling should be setting of alarms at MSF (the Motorcycle Safety Foundation).