Brammo Encite – Electric Mini Moto MMX Racer

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Another model announced during Brammo’s intention to get into the electric dirt bike scene is the Brammo Encite. Like its larger cousin the Brammo Engage, the pre-production Encite is based off the S.M.R.E. prototype electric motorcycle, which features the six-speed Integrated Electronic Transmission (IET). Seemingly designed with racing in mind, Brammo will be entering its Encite MMX into the upcoming AMA Mini Moto SX event being held in Las Vegas — a story we broke last week.

A purpose-built race bike, there is no word on pricing yet for the pint-sized Encite, likely due to the fact that Brammo wants to gauge interest on the machine, and perhaps judge whether the mini-moto can be built in an affordable enough manner. Despite this setback, interested buyers can pre-order a Brammo Encite from the company’s webpage — Christmas is only seven months away after all.

We’ll get a glimpse this weekend as to how the Brammo Encite MMX runs against its competition, specifically from Zero Motorcycles and Quantya, but also from internal combustion machines as well. We don’t foresee the Encite being a big seller for Brammo, but the company’s overall entry into the dirt bike genre is intriguing, as it rounds out Brammo’s total motorcycle offering.

We’ve gotten word that Brammo will be launching a dealer network soon, and having a full-product offering is one step in securing a strong dealer foothold. No doubt the Brammo Engage and Brammo Encite motorcycles are a integral part of that plan.

Photos of the Pre-Production Brammo Encite Prototype:

Source: Brammo