Brammo eCruiser & Other Models Spied in Investor Pitch

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Brammo continues to build upon its war chest of investment, and has turned to crowd-funding site EarlyShares for help in that regard. The site is targeted towards Angel-type investors, and is along the lines of a Kickstarter-style site for the wealthy and investment-minded.

The news that a company like Brammo is looking to raise more capital is nothing new, nor is it terribly noteworthy, but the documents provided to EarlyShares investors are certainly worth chewing on by two-wheeled enthusiasts.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect is a diagram of Brammo’s planned model lineup, which briefly appeared on EarlyShares; and among other things, shows an eCruiser model from the Oregonian company. Boom goes the dynamite.

Sure to compete against the offerings of Brutus, as well as the recently hyped Harley-Davidson Livewire project, the Brammo eCruiser is exactly as the name implies, an electric cruiser model from Brammo. Details beyond that are limited, though we can see several other known bikes in the graphic.

The Brammo Engage is the company’s electric dirt bike concept, which has been on the scene since mid-2011. While Brammo has teased the Engage in social media content, the model has never made it into production — surprisingly.

Also seen is the Brammo ENT, or what we called the anti-scooter nearly five years ago. Last we had heard from Brammo, the scooter project had been shelved, due to a low enough price-point being unachievable with the current price of batteries and electric drivetrain pieces.

Of course the big unanswered question is what sort of time frame Brammo sees for these new unreleased models. So far we have been unable to reach Brammo on this news, but hopefully someone will pop-up in the comments.

Source: Bikes in the Fast Lane & The Electric Chronicles