More Renders of the Bottpower BOTT XC1 Café Racer

08/18/2014 @ 5:34 pm, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS


Forget the Honda CB350 or the old BMW R-Series machines, this is a proper modern café racer. We have brought you the work of Bottpower before, and have even already shown you renders of the BOTT XC1, but the firm has made another twist on its Buell-powered café.

Adding a half-fairing to the front, and reworking the fuel tank and tail into a more modern shapes, this variant of the BOTT XC1 draws from both newer and older thoughts for inspiration. And if your tastes vary day-to-day, Version 3, as it’s being called, can still be easily turned into the BOTT XR1 street track machine, as most of the changes are only skin deep.

Since Bottpower makes bikes to each customer’s personal spec and taste, we imagine we could see all three variants, and more, roaming the streets…or even hitting the track. Looking good fellas!






Source: Bottpower

  • Norm Fraijo

    Not a real cafe racer. Needs header tape, Firestone trailer tires and a seat made from an old ironing board.

  • You’re getting old Norm. Stickers are the new header tape, and worth twice as much horsepower. YOLO.

  • crshnbrn

    Laced wheels on a Buell? That’s different. I don’t get the slots in the fairing since the oil cooler is mounted down low in front of the engine.
    I haven’t been to their website for some time. Looking at their work on the Buell XBs makes me sad that they are using bikes no longer in production for donors. That and the fact that I don’t have a spare liver to sell.

  • An oil cooler is mounted up top, hence the slats.

  • BuellbaFett

    Is that also an oil cooler peeking out from behind the front wheel in the front, right oblique pic?

  • Looks that way. I thought you had to be level 60 before you could dual-wield…

  • crshnbrn

    Two oil coolers. Cool.

  • Norm Fraijo

    Oh wait, I didn’t see the black and yellow California plate. That’s gotta be worth some points in Santa Monica.

  • Dr. Gellar

    Easily my favorite version of the 3 I’ve seen so far.. :-)

  • Xan

    I find it kind of interesting that I have never heard the words “café racer” from anyone who owns a motorcycle. Now I have heard it a million times from folks I bump into who’ve “always wanted a bike, and are thinking about a café racer.” funny….

  • DWolvin

    Pretty sure the lower mounted item is just the front of the Muffler. Unless I’m looking at the wrong pic…

  • Professor DFR

    nice combo of modern, vintage, techie, and visceral
    it’s not there yet, though

  • L2C

    That bike’s the stuff of manly fantasies, though. You don’t ride a bike like that to the corner store or your favorite bistro, you ride that bike to ride. And if anybody messes with you, you kill them–and go about your merry, but deathly serious way.

  • L2C

    Might that image of the oil cooler/headlamps be available as a wallpaper somewhere, JB? Me likey.

  • That’s the biggest size I’ve seen. David lurks here sometimes though, he might be able to help out.

  • Hi L2C, this is the biggest size I have of that photo. It doesn’t have a big quality, sorry.

    Regarding the oil cooler in font of the engine… that’s a mistake! X-)
    I didn’t notice it till I read these comments. Nobody mentioned it on our website or Facebook. :-)
    So thank you crshnbrn for let us know this mistake.
    Version 1 and 2 have the oil radiator in front of the engine and I forgot to remove it one this one. As Jensen said on this version 3 the idea is to keep the radiator in the same position of the XR1.
    As I said on the post, we make these different versions just for fun (we enjoy it a lot) and at the same time it is very interesting for us to receive feedback from each one.
    Personally, so far this is my favorite version. In fact I don’t know if it is a cafe racer or not, and I really don’t care. :-)