BMW Sandbags S1000RR Power Figures – Makes 183hp at the Wheel on the Dyno

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When BMW announced the S1000RR, they claimed power figures of 193hp at the crank. While the clear class winner on quoted power figures, OEM claims on horsepower are “ambitious” when viewed in even the most favorable of light. However as Bike found out in the case of the S1000RR, it would seem that BMW might have actually under-promised on the bike’s performance potential, and then over-delivered.

With 183 EEC-corrected horses being measured at the rear-wheel, the S1000RR makes 13hp more than the previous class leader the Kawasaki ZX-10R, and likely boasts a 200+ horsepower figure at the crank. MCN, sister publication to Bike, attributes the sand-bagged power figure to a reluctance on BMW’s part to advertise a 200hp motorcycle, especially in the European market.

We’d be inclined to agree with this conclusion as there’s a growing back-lash in Europe over the ever increasing performance figures of motorcycles, which is being fueled by young riders and their risky street antics, among other things.

Source: MCN