BMW S1000RR SBK Race Bike Photo Shoot Teases

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How do you drive motorcycle journalists crazy? Run a feature photo shoot with WSBK race bike, a helicopter, and a hot blonde model. Its not that we don’t like these things, it’s just that we like answers more. BMW seems to have an endless supply of photos that keep us perpetually guessing what the production S1000RR will look like. Sure the carbon fairings and tasty race bits are nice and pleasing, but we want to see some OEM ABS plastic, horrible CAFE compliant exhaust pipes, and maybe a blinker here and there. Lately, it seems like only the race bike seems to be getting love from Mr. Nikon and Mr. Canon…and it keeps us up at night.

Make no mistake, by all measures the race-ready S1000RR is a technical powerhouse. It boasts very un-BMW-like features like  an aluminum beam frame, an inline-four motor, traction control, telescopic forks, and the Double VANOS continuously variable exhaust and inlet valve timing. All these features add up to a final product that is a low weight (190kg wet), high power (190hp with a huge torque curve) beast that has a chassis suspension package to rival the best.

We will continue to wait and see if BMW ever gets around to actually making a street version (we know they have to at some point). Also, no word on whether you get a helicopter or blonde german girl with the purchase. We can hope though.