BMW S1000F Spotted in the Wild

03/28/2014 @ 10:11 am, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS


Just last month we brought you news about BMW Motorrad working on a possible sport-tourer that was based off the company’s BMW S1000RR superbike. Well today we get confirmation of that machine, with the BMW S1000F being caught in the wild, panniers and all.

The S1000RR’s motor and exhaust are clearly visible in this side profile picture, as are the mounting points for side bags and a top box. With the S1000F sporting noticeably taller suspension than its sport bike sibling, one has to wonder if BMW isn’t trying to make another adventure-touring model, one that could compete against the Ducati Multistrada 1200 in sportiness.


With the BMW R1200GS being hands-down the most popular model in BMW Motorrad’s lineup, the fact that the German marquee is building a bike that treads into the GS’s domain is an intriguing development. We were impressed with the new water-cooled BMW R1200GS when we rode it at the US press launch, and later during our Broventure trip to Moab.

BMW calls the R1200GS the Swiss Army knife of the motorcycle word, and the GS lives up to this title, being a jack of all trades when it comes to touring, canyon carving, and off-roading. Maybe not a master of any of those disciplines, if you had to have a single motorcycle though, the GS should be at the top of your list.

Still, we are speed freaks first here at Asphalt & Rubber, and while in the right hands, the R1200GS is a formidable machine on the race track, its 125hp of power and 525 lbs of weight limit its ability.

It could be that the Germans have felt their ADV space invaded by more powerful offerings from Italy and Austria, like the Ducati Multistrada 1200 and KTM 1190 Adventure, and have decided to fork their ADV offering by using theior superbike’s 999cc inline-four engine, for the more sport-oriented rider who is looking for an all-in-one motorcycle.

No matter what hole you try to stick this peg into, the S1000F will mean interesting things for BMW two-wheeled lineup. With all the implications possible, it’s almost hard to remember that a new model from BMW cometh. Stay tuned.

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  • MrDefo

    I dunno…BMW already have a reputation building adventure bikes, it seems uneccessary to add this one. Are they going to drop one of their smaller displacement bikes when this comes out?

  • afletra


  • John

    Seems totally necessary too me. I’d trade my new concours 14 in a min for it if it was lighter and similar hp.

  • The touring rider who’s not so into the off-road side and wants more power on the asphalt during those long rides? Seems legit and right up my alley… *drools*

  • Mark W

    BMW is worried about KTM 1290 Adventure? Is that a typo or is this hinting at the likelihood for 2015 the Adventure turns it up to 11 with the Superduke powerplant?

  • Typo. My pay has been docked accordingly.

  • Green

    In a short while resultful, KTM design dep falling appart situation it’s pretty easy for BMW to take over as their one have done few steps forward trough some mirracle and the quallity has been also bit better thou it falls appart still, so competing only with Ducati wonder bike should be pretty easy as the organization is just so much more effective even the impotent bikes aren’t. Motorcyclist will still buy Multistradas and executive wanabes BMWs. BMW is putting all the money in to their greedy pockets – Ducati is putting it back to the racing. Which product you buy ? :))) MV Agusta Veloce is making -1hp from Multi and it’s triple and it has THE design.

  • mkh

    I’ll take the Duc Multistrada anytime of the day, it has the sex and it handles . If the naked S1000R is the best BMW can do, I guess this one won’t be any better.

  • Hayabrusa

    Well, my take on it is this. The naked S1000R is just a RR with the body parts ripped off of it, for the most part. VERY little effort to put together this bike. Maybe they will actually put some effort into making the S1000F a stand-alone machine. I’m a bit long in the tooth to ride straight up sportsbikes (think ZX-10, GSXR 1000, SS1000RR), but I still love the speed. A hyper-ADV bike along the lines of the Multistrada and new Adventure 1190, only with MORE power, would be very cool – as long as they don’t forget the comfort factor!

    Bring it on!

  • OyBoy

    UGLY crap! No one can build a good looking bike now aday except for the MV Agusta guys

  • tiger37373

    The IDEA sounds nice, but I can do without the stupid duck bill front….

  • AHA

    Should be a great ‘tall-rounder’ bike provided they don’t slap one of those typically awful BMW paint schemes on it. Can’t wait for the group test with the Multistrada, CapoNord and MV Touring Veloce. (Triumph Tiger need not apply.) And we haven’t yet seen what KTM are going to debut at Intermot this year to fill the gap between the 1190 Adventure & the 1290 Super Duke. Time to buy that lottery ticket…

  • Mark Buerger

    I’ve been saying that all along.

  • Kaw4Life

    What is next? The BWM RR1675GSRRx10!?

    Give the 800 some more power and call it good!

    The R1200GS/GSA are street bikes to 80% of the people that own them. Too much bike for off road.

    Dirt roads are not off road.

  • paulus

    I really hope that it comes with a front asymmetrical head light profile that makes it look like it has had a ‘stroke’

  • motobell

    This is how THEY WILL SCREW THIS UP!

    they will put tiny F800/K1300 bags on it and i will forget about it.

    BMW, put proper R1200RT bags on this baby and give it all the electronics like cruise control etc .. and you will people like me who have been searching for a replacement for my FJR buy this bike.

    i have ridden the new water-cooled bike back to back to with Multistrada for 2500 miles across italy/france/switzerland found both unbelievably good and compromised at the same time

    I am disappointed that no one makes a non-comprmised sport touring bike that represents what is possible with today’s technology. the old guards of sport touring all got big and are too heavy. the new tourers are all “adventure”

  • Terry

    If its light and has somewhere in the region of 150 hp and plenty of torque, it will be a winner.
    My 990 smt is now about 190 kg without fuel with aftermarket, lighter cans, thats the area this needs to be in, 200 kg tops.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished article.
    Used to have no interest in bmw, but this, the 1000r and particularly the nineT, are changing my opinion.