170 Hi-Res Photos of the BMW R nineT

10/16/2013 @ 4:32 pm, by Jensen Beeler21 COMMENTS


The final realization of the BMW LoRider concept, a modular roadster design project, the BMW R nineT debuted in Munich today as a commemoration of 90 years of BMW motorcycles.

Powered by the German company’s venerable air-cooled 1,170cc boxer twin, the nineT is likely the last motorcycle in the OEM’s range to use the motor, as BMW Motorrad shifts its attention to its new “precision-cooled” boxer. That nostalgia probably only adds to the retro roadster’s mystique though, and if our comments section is any indication, people are likely what they see here.

Built with customization in mind, BMW has gone to some length to make a chassis that builders and hobbyists can easily build-off of to suit their individual tastes — a basic tenet of the original LoRider concept.nIt doesn’t hurt of course that BMW has a litany of genuine accessories and parts to help in that endeavor as well.

Because we know you just can’t get enough of this bike (we certainly like it, though the name is a bit cumbersome), we have 170 high-resolution photos for you after the jump. Enjoy!






















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Source: BMW Group

  • Andrey

    Best looking BMW I have ever seen I think!
    Fantastic combination of old and new

  • coreyvwc

    I really dig that head tube badge and those chrome pipes, I will say that!
    It’s good to see that the little nuanced details of old aren’t quite dead yet.

  • ross ewich

    like all other A&R posts that are picture intensive…

    REALLY frikin annoying that i cant SCROLL thru them!

  • KSW


    170 free photos that a photog got bad next to nothing for and will now never have additional income for nor a need for images from others is worth more than the few seconds it takes to get to them on this site. Unless you can find 170 free photos of this bike quicker ……

  • We’ll I hope they’ll offer case covers for this thing, cause I bet getting this through the twisties could be a lot of fun! Great looking bike!

  • We’re working on a new gallery system. Until then, it is what it is.

  • L2C

    Great design. Beautiful bike. I love it.

  • Bill Farrenkothen

    This is what we have all been waiting for – Mine will be black, thank you !

  • 5492

    What’s up?

  • 5492

    Beautiful bike! Hope I will have the opportunity to ride on it one day :)

  • MrDefo

    Does anyone know if there is an OEM option to retain brake lights/turn signals/license plate when it’s in “solo seat mode”?

  • gazzo

    Can I get it in my original R90S Daytona Orange?

  • I am not drinking the Kool Aid.

    This is the culmination of 90 years? The R bikes are solid, but they are boring. I am not sure making a copy of the Ducati Monster (and yet, not as clean, visually) is a fitting capstone on that legacy.

  • I really like the way it looks with the low-slung Akrapovic can. I think BMW did a great job of having the bike look both fresh and retro at the same time. Me likey.

  • Jimbo

    It’s what the R1200R should have been. I glad they dropped the ridiculous A-arm lever front suspension and made the look more classic.

  • hugh lyonsack

    Even better with a wunderlich trophy fairing or old style R90 bikini type fairing

  • MikeD

    The single Akra Can does miracles to clean the back half of this bike.
    Not digging the silver panels (specially the silly pillion cover) and spoked wheels.
    Like much better the looks of the TeleLever SYstem.
    Like it was voiced before, it does look a lot like the Griso (a bad or a good thing depending on your taste).
    Like the instrument’s cluster.


    NO, THANKS BUT NO. Leave the R1200R ALONE. It’s a magnificent, does it all, under the radar, xcellent UGM.


    I wonder how long they are going to keep the AIR cooled in production now that the water cooled is out ?


    Where’s my K1600R/S

  • Jason

    I am a sport bike fanatic, so it came as quite a surprise when I felt a deep desire to own this bike the instant I saw it. Classically beautiful. Timeless. It is a great looking machine and it looks like fun… I want it.

  • Tractor

    Mine is ordered :-)

  • ron p

    What a shame about the gold…”yuck” ..forks on such a beautiful machine. Finally lost the ugly chrome and now this. Otherwise a spectacular bike!

  • Moonrunner

    Ordered mine last week, will be good company for my K1300S. My very first Beamer was an R90S, this will be back to the future for me. The fact that it can be optioned up to the nines is just icing on the cake. Love it