It looks like BMW’s new air-cooled café racer has made an early, albeit brief, appearance on the internet. Photos of what we have been calling the BMW NineT appeared today on Italian news site La Repubblica, though the writers there called the machine the BMW R Nine. Unfortunately (for us) however, the article has since been taken down by the Italian publication.

With the NineT set to debut later today in Munich, these photos seem to be of the soon-to-be-released production model, and appear to be still shots for the machine’s upcoming press kit.

Readers may remember that this model was teased by BMW Motorrad at last year’s EICMA show, and since then we have seen the German OEM debut the drool-worthy BMW Concept Ninety, which was made in collaboration with Roland Sands. Not quite as retro and edgy as RSD’s design, the new NineT model was recently spotted in the wild, and is likely the last of BMW’s line to carry the air-cooled 1200 boxer engine.

Borrowing from other pieces in the BMW parts bin, the new cafe racer unsurprisingly has a shaft drive, though it does sport a conventional fork suspension front-end and elongated “cafe” style fuel tank.

With the BMW R1200R expected to get the same precision water-cooled motor as the BMW R1200GS, this new BMW NineT differentiates itself by staying air-cooled, though the overlap between the two models in palpable. It will be interesting to see how BMW Motorrad distinguishes the two machines from each other when they both have finally broken cover.




Source: La Repubblica via Inazuma Café Racer

  • An air-cooled Cafe Racer for the masses !!! BMW Motorrad bring em on.

  • Some more info:
    Seems its the lump from the R1200R with 110hp but nothing mentioned about the weight…

  • JoeD

    The rear end needs work. The rear wheel is too far back in relation to the seat hump and the fender adds to the out of balance look. It looks almost like a vehicle for the Busa Gang.

  • Hugo, it’s 511 lbs (222 kg) at the curb.

  • Mart

    Does that cowl seat cover hides a (real) passenger seat like Triumph’s Thruxton?
    I know it would not be a “real” Cafe Racer if it does, but it would certainly boost the sale numbers… At least for me. ;)

  • Mart

    Oupsss … Forget it I got my answer. I just realised there’s no rear pegs.

  • So glad to see a conventional fork up there- now just put on a chain drive and that will solve the two issues that keep me from buying an R1200R. Styling wise, it’s the best looking R they’ve come out with yet…

  • Richard Gozinya

    Jensen, 222 kg is 489 lbs.

  • They should have had Bob Lutz design it

  • Slangbuster

    Would be nice to see this in R90s race livery AKA #63, 21, & 83 (Pridmore, Fisher, McLaughlin).

  • Dick, dunno what happened on my math there… 222kg / 489 lbs at the curb with fuel.