Two New BMW R nineT Models Coming

08/16/2016 @ 3:09 pm, by Jensen Beeler18 COMMENTS


Filings with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) suggest that BMW Motorrad has two more variations of its retro-styled motorcycle line coming to the USA: the BMW R nineT Pure and the BMW R nineT Racer.

These two bikes would join the other two air-cooled models we have already seen from the Germans, the base model BMW R nineT and the recently released BMW R nineT Scrambler, which debuted at EICMA last year.

Our friends at spotted the CARB filings, and believe one of the machines will be based off the BMW Lac Rose concept – an ADV throw-back to when the Dakar Rally actually raced to Dakar.

The other model though, could be anyone’s guess, as BMW hasn’t dropped any other concepts or hints in the past months.

One guess could be a café racer with a fuller fairing, harkening back to the road racers of yore, and thus an appropriate use of the name “Racer” – of course, that model could just as easily be the Lac Rose machine, which has its own racing history.

The name “Pure” doesn’t tip too much of BMW’s hand, so we will take best guesses on that, in the comments section.

It is of note though, the 2017 R nineT models show lower hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions than the 2016 models, likely for Euro4 homologation.

It’s not clear how BMW achieved this, though we would hazard a guess it is a change made via the bikes’ ECU programming. Interesting.

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  • MrDefo

    Pure? That’s a strange one. Maybe it’s a cultural thing.

  • Timbo Baggins

    I’m wondering if that “Pure” is a stripped down, cost-engineered variant – similar to the Scrambler 62?

  • Eric

    This is great news! Not a BMW fan boy, but I really like the r90. I refuse to use their silly phonetic nomenclature, though.

  • MM

    If they’ve added the Scrambler and are adding some form of faired cafe model, could the Pure just a rename for the “standard” bike?

  • Ulysses Araujo

    The first model is called “Roadster” now. Could be an even more stripped model though.

  • Paul McM

    Wonderful. I’m looking for the “Racer” model. If BMW can fit a smooth, efficient half fairing, add 20 more HP, increase fuel capacity, fit a really comfortable seat (for two), reduce engine vibration, dramatically improve the transmission, lengthen maintenance intervals, and fit some proper mirrors they will have a machine that is almost as good as my 1985 FJ1200 that I owned for 24 years. Yeah that’s progress… I’ve ridden the R NineT and honestly would rather ride my old FJ for anything other than short city hops. The R Nine T is way overpriced IMHO.

  • LVN

    Remember the concepts of Nicolas Petit.

  • coreyvwc

    It will have 2 cylinders and weigh 500 pounds. Surprise!

  • Nick

    I have an R nine T and love it. However, my favorite bikes of all time are the Ducati GT 1000 and air cooled Ducati Monster, especially the 1100. I think it’s interesting they will have a Euro-4 complaint R nine T. Ducati couldn’t make their air-cooled 1100 pass emissions, and the liquid cooled Monster is really gross in all regards. But somehow BMW can still pull it off, so props to the Germans for that… and it’s a damn good bike. My only quibble is I wish it had fully adjustable suspension, and it should considering the price.

  • Jorge

    Sour grapes? Coming from Italian torture racks I find the R9T to be a great bike. Wunderlich America already makes a nice front faring with a very usable wind screen. Plenty of power from the engine, odd that you think it needs 20hp more to match your FJ’s hp while the R9T weighs 100lbs less. Sounds like you never actually ridden one.
    Power isn’t an issue (for anyone that isn’t obese) and neither is the transmission. Mirrors are great, much more usable than most sport bikes offer. My only gripe on the bike is the horrible OEM thick rubber topped foot pegs. Riding aggressively felt like the rear was moving around. Replaced them with some Rizoma machined pegs and it has become one of my favorite bikes I’ve ever owned.

  • Gary

    Maybe the “Pure” will try to capture the R75/5 Toaster Tank design scheme where the “Racer” will target the R90S Daytona.
    BMW is doing a good job these days. They really had me concerned from the later 80’s to the early 2000’s. I would definitely own one of the modern boxers.

  • Paul McM

    I agree that the R NineT’s power is more than adequate — though the FJ Feels stronger throughout the powerband. My main point is that, other than a weight advantage, this 2016 R NineT is inferior to a 31-year-old machine, that is faster, more aerodynamic, WAY more comfortable, better for two-up etc. And even the wet weight difference is somewhat misleading. The listed FJ’s weight includes 1.5 gallons more fuel, and a Center Stand! No C-stand on the R NineT and BMW’s claimed weights for recent bikes always seem off on the light side — When legit testers actually weigh BMW’s machines the BMW cycles seem to have gained 4-5 kg on the trip across the Atlantic. Oh and you better add another 3 kg for the engine guards you’ll need for those exposed heads.

    Oh yes I did ride the R NineT. Same old clunky transmission, and a thin, narrow driver’s seat that is not comfortable. The pillion seat is a joke. Good throttle response and steering feel but it’s really not that versatile of a machine. For any serious trip I would take the old FJ over the R NineT every time.

    But if I was a trust fund hipster heading for the nearest free trade, gluten free coffee house in my skinny jeans, then yes, by all means give me the R NineT, with my mocha frappachino…

  • El Apestoso

    Yeah, I know what you mean, I’ve really been hankering for a 1200cc thumper.

  • El Apestoso

    BMW’s big boxer engines have always had an efficiency advantage over the Italians, both Ducati and Moto Guzzi. Not really a surprise that they’re able to keep their air/oil cooled offerings in production.

  • coreyvwc

    The point is that it’s just more of the “same old same old” from BMW. It’s going to be yet another re-hashed R9T that is still over 100 pounds too heavy for what it is. There will be nothing surprising or innovative, just different styling cues. Just like our big American motorcycle company…

  • El Apestoso

    People who ride it seem to really like it, so BMW must be doing something right.

  • coreyvwc

    People who ride Harley’s really like them too. It doesn’t mean they couldn’t be better/lighter.

  • El Apestoso

    I’m sure if Harley’s paying customers were demanding lighter weight bikes, Harley would work to make them lighter. Same goes for BMW, the R NineT is already plenty light for what it is, it’s also significantly lighter than the bike that would be its nearest competitor, the Griso. And where exactly would they shave off the 100 lbs from that wouldn’t degrade the structural integrity or add to the cost?