BMW Motorrad USA Offering Money, Loaners, and Buyback Options to R1200RT Owners for Suspension Woes

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A reports by BMW Motorcycle Magazine has described what BMW Motorrad USA is offering owners who were affected by the “Do Not Ride” order regarding the BMW R1200RT.

For those that don’t remember BMW Motorrad issued a worldwide statement regarding the 2014 BMW R1200RT, saying that models of the touring bike that were equipped with the Dynamic ESA suspension should not be ridden, as a BMW supplier alerted the German brand that the rear suspension had a defect, which could cause catastrophic failure.

BMW Motorrad hasn’t intimated when a solution could be coming for the affected R1200RT owners, though rumors are a date in August or September. To compensate American riders for this downtime, BMW Motorrad USA has put together three options for RT owners.

  1. Wait for a repair, and receive $2,500 for the downtime until then
  2. Receive a loaner BMW from their dealership, and receive $1,000 that is good towards BMW products or finance payments for the RT
  3. Sell the motorcycle back to BMW, at the original purchase price, and receive $1,000 that is good towards another BMW motorcycle

We imagine there is a bit of fine print involved with all three of these options, the least of which absolves BMW Motorrad from any sort legal liability.

While it is unknown how many of the 8,000+ motorcycles that were affected are in the United States, the above offer is a massive undertaking for BMW Motorrad USA as it waits for a proper recall later this autumn.

While it is inexcusable to have a situation where a manufacturer has to issue a statement that tells motorcyclists not to ride their product until further notice, the options put forth here do seem like the most consumer-oriented solutions available to BMW Motorrad USA.

Time will tell what the R1200RT fiasco does to BMW brand perception and customer loyalty.

Source: BMW Motorcycle Magazine