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Here at Asphalt & Rubber, we love the work of French designer Nicolas Petit — his Honda VTR1200 concept remains one of out all-time favorite concepts, and spurred me to think long and hard about the potential that the Japanese manufacturers could have in the two-wheel industry. Today’s post though, isn’t about a two-wheeler…it’s about a three-wheeler.

Pretty much the coolest trike we have ever seen imagined, Petit has once again inked a design for consumption, which features Bavaria’s favorite brand: BMW. Taking the 1.6L six-cylinder engine from the BMW K1600GT/GTL, Petit has mated a very recognizable front-end to his creation. The ultimate driving machine? We wouldn’t mind taking one for a spin around our local track.

Taking inspiration from projects like the KTM X-Bow, Petit has envisioned a hybrid powertrain for his three-wheeler, with the motorcycle engine sitting next to the driver, and powering the rear wheel, while an electric powertrain manages getting the rubber down with the front wheels.

BMW-K1600GT-3-Wheeler-Nicolas Petit-03

BMW-K1600GT-3-Wheeler-Nicolas Petit-04

BMW-K1600GT-3-Wheeler-Nicolas Petit-02

Source: Nicolas Petit Motorcycle Crèation

  • Norm G.

    bey, oom, vey… I dare you to build it.

  • Smitchell

    Love it, finally an actual concept in these a of “concepts” featured here ( I’m looking at you, Luca Bar designs).

  • jackie

    the Volkswagen GX3 was pretty awesome too.

  • shmuzz

    that rear wheel is right off the front of a buell xb12r. who’d’ve thought THAT could pop up in something so “conceptual”

  • froryde

    Sub 3 wheeler ( – too bad they never got beyond the first 3 prototypes

  • Reg Broekmann

    Personally, I would not like to drive a 3-wheeler. It is not a bike and one would be better off with a car!

  • @Reg :
    i would prefer this over a car … for sure a drifting machine ;o)