Bimota Shows the Rest of Its 2009 Line

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You may remember the Bimota DB7 Oronero. How could you not? With all that carbon fiber, and rediculous 1:1 power to weight ratio (164bhp to 164kg). It may shock you…now brace yourself…but Bimota actually is going to sell other bikes next year as well.

Shocking? Yes we know. Read more after the jump.

The DB6 Delirio will be released in 2009 with two new color combinations: white & blue and orange & cream.

The DB6R will have the Bimota Racing colors (Red & White( on its carbon fiber panels (have you noticed how Bimota likes its carbon fiber?). Lightweight wheels, Brembo brakes will round out the rest of the bike making it not only a fine specimen of delicious cycling, but a quick handling stoppie machine to boot.

The Tesi 3D also gets a new look with two distinct color schemes with a white & red paint job, and a black & carbon version as well.

The DB7 has three different chrome solutions for next year, with various colors of white and red, gunmetal grey, and carbon black.

Oh, and then there’s the DB5S.

Source: twowheelblog

So the lesson here is: If you only make one new bike model a year, make sure you make the other bikes in super-sweet colors so no one notices they’re the same bikes from last year that you didn’t sell.