Oberdan Bezzi’s Second-Take on a Bimota/Moto Morini – MMB2 FighterMotard

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Just a couple days after Oberdan Bezzi inked this incarnation of a Bimota MMB1 (Bimota Moto Morini), he brings us this drawing of a streetfighter/hypermotard version of his imaginative cross-pollination of the two Italian brands. The drawing of course looks great, but we have our same criticism from his previous render…it looks more of the same.

We were pretty tough on Bezzi for his prior design, and the problem is we take these drawings as compared to each other, whereas in the real world there would be only one iteration of these designs, which no doubt would look fantastic on its own. We especially appreciate how Obiboi has channeled Bimota’s genius in the frame design. So with that, we still hope for a change of inspiration from the Italian designer, but we’d gladly welcome any of these bikes in the A&R garage.

Talking about his Bimota MMB2 FighterMotard, Bezzi said the following on the design (Google Translated):

For the second model of the hypothetical new partnership between the management of possible new Moto Morini (for the provision of the propulsion) and Bimota, we took an idea a couple of years was always Bimota brand but with different engines.

A sort of union or fusion between the world of street fighter and that of motardone road, all dressed beautifully made from typical materials Bimota and hi-tech!

The result is a bike very special and very aggressive.

The wanted to call GRANSPASSO because the fun that his leadership seems forward, but it seemed a little irreverent than a model of the house providing the engine.

So we christened FIGHTERMOTARD ,…. that is the forerunner of a new genre?

We’re not sure if Obiboi has created a new genre of motorcycle, but the MMB2 FighterMotard does seem to exude the personality of the Granpasso in a form factor that might please a larger audience.

Source: Oberdan Bezzi