That’s exactly what bsdesigns thought when they inked this concept sketch of a VFR’d Fireblade, and it looks exactly like this (scroll up). The Honda VFR 1200 Fireblade, as they call it, features the same CBR exhaust can, but retains the new VFR’s dimensions.

Hopefully this won’t be a fat baby, and the bike gets its father’s waste line (obviously the CBR would be the butch in this relationship, right?). We kid, we kid.


  • ¡¡¡*barf*!!!

    wouldn’t want the suspension to compress too much with that nose the way it is…

    reminds me of the right hand critic on the muppets, (thank you google image search).

  • Sean

    Given that the VFR looks like the bastard child of a CBR1000 and a BMW, this seems particularly pointless.

  • Jeff

    “bastard child”??? more like deformed turd burglar… ugh. Can’t believe anyone at a design studio thought this might be a “good” idea. Furthermore, what the hell is wrong with Honda’s design team these days….. Neither bike looks anywhere near good…..

  • I think the CBR is one of the best looking bikes of last year, even if it is way too small for a normal sized person of European decent.

    I’m holding judgement on the VFR until I see it in person, although I think it’s ok. It’s definitely not ugly. Ugly wouldn’t have passed the focus groups, of which I’m positive Honda has plenty before they launch something.

  • RT @Asphalt_Rubber What Would the Bastard Child of the Honda CBR1000RR & VFR1200F Look Like? – #motorcycle