Aprilia SMV 750 Dorsoduro Comes to the US

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Not content to let KTM and Ducati play in the big displacement motard segment by themselves, Aprilia is bringing their Shiver based SMV 750 Dorsoduro motard state-side for 2009. The Dorsoduro’s 90°, 750cc, 8-valve, v-twin makes 92 hp (at 8,750 rpm) and 61 lb•ft of torque (at 4,500 rpm), and with a claimed dry weight of 409lbs, it would seem to be an ideal hooligan machine. Read more for the full details on the Dorsoduro with pictures.

If you squint while looking at a Dorsoduro, you can almost see an Aprilia Shiver…and you should. The Dorsoduro borrows the Shiver’s frame, swingarm, and motor, and adds its own front-end and unique styling to make a complete street-tard package. Aprilia is positioning the bike directly against the KTM 990 SuperDuke and Ducati Hypermotard, and has built the bike to have similar specs as the larger bored, but air-cooled Ducati, but less power (and presumably less weight) as the KTM SuperDuke, which has an extra 250cc to play with.

Additionally, the Dorsoduro utilizes Aprilia’s second generation ride-by-wire throttle assembly, with rider adjustable engine management. From the handlebars, 3 riding styles can be selected that adjust the engine mapping to suit the rider’s purpose for Sport, Touring, and Rain riding: in Sport mode, unfettered power is driven down to the wheels; in Touring mode, the throttle action is smoothed out for relaxed daily riding; and in Rain mode, power is reduced for improved safety and traction on slippery surfaces.

That’s the good. Now here’s the bad.

Aprilia weighs the Dorsoduro at 409lbs dry, which is about 10lbs heavier than the Hypermotard, but still par for the course for the segment. However, that is a claim that has been hard to verify, with curb weights reportedly coming in closer to the 460lbs mark. As has become a more standard operating procedure in the industry, what is considered a dry/wet/curb weight has become about as reliable a Ford Pinto. With the Shiver based frame weighing only 19lbs, its hard to imagine where all that extra fat could be, but have been able to get the bike down an alleged 100lbs (again…another eyebrow raising number). Many have accused the Dorsoduro and Shiver of being overly heavy. A&R hopes to get their hands on all three bikes to have a moment of truth on our industrial scales. Stay tuned for that one.

To the delight of the monetarily distressed, Aprilia is pricing the Dorsoduro at $9,599 MSRP, making it a cheaper alternative to the SuperDuke and Hypermotard, and more tempting to our heart string. All that is left now is to decide whether you want it in Aprilia Black or Shine Red.

Jensen Beeler

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