Concept: Ducati’s Answer to the KTM X-Bow?

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We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t fully understand why KTM made the X-Box, better known as the go-kart on steroids…but we sure do want one nonetheless. Along that same vein, we’re not sure why a company like Ducati, known for its two-wheeled pieces of art and performance, would want to try its hand in the four-wheeled realm, but if this is the result, we could probably get over that sentiment.

Designed by Anthony Colard, the Ducati Sports Car Concept takes Italian motorcycle design and applies it to a lightweight/high-powered car/kart vehicle. At 420kg and 420hp, Colard’s concept packs a motorcycle-esque power-to-weight ratio (1:1), and pulls heavily from the Ducati aesthetic. Powering the concept are two mated Desmosedici motors, making a 2.0L V8 out the two combined L-4 motors (or does that make it a L-8 motor?).

We particularly like the visuals that Colard has put into his design, with plenty of red paint and carbon fiber body panels. Even without the Ducati badging, this car looks like it could rival an Atom, X-Bow, or heck even a Ferrari in our dream garage.

Source: Local Motion