Akrapovič Morsus Custom Motorcycle

05/09/2011 @ 1:05 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

Akrapovič is known for making some of the finest sport bike exhausts on the market, with its carbon and titanium artistry gracing many a bike in the AMA, World Superbike, and MotoGP paddocks. Now we learn from our friends at OmniMoto.it that our favorite Slovenian motorcycle exhaust maker is getting into the custom chopper scene, and helping promote the company’s launch of cruiser-styled exhausts is the modern-styled Akrapovič Morsus custom show bike.

Built in collaboration with Dreamachine Motorcycles, the Akrapovič Morsus features an S&S 113 CI (that’s 1,852cc for the mertic-inclined) motor that pumps out 114hp through its modified Akrapovič exhaust pipe. The Morsus design appeases our modern-leaning design sensibilities, but true to its ethos, it’s the Akrapovič exhaust that really makes us drool over this bike. There’s something about an underslung side-venting pipe that makes us happy, and the Akrapovič Morsus is no exception to the rule. Photos and more after the jump.

Of course the whole purpose of the Akrapovič Morsus is to get us talking about Akrapovič’s new line of exhausts for Harley-Davidson and other cruiser-style motorcycles. While we assume the typical Akrapovič fit-and-finish will be present in the new design, it’ll be a hard proposisiton to convert the “America Fuck Yeah” crowd into buying an Eastern European product…you can lead a horse to water, and all that jazz. We wish Akrapovič well in that endevour, but for now we’ll concentrate on this Mosus custom, which will be making the rounds at local trade shows and venues this year.

Though we’re a sporty bunch here at Asphalt & Rubber, we can appreciate the different walks of motorcycling life. If we had to get a cruiser (whatever that means these days), we imagine it would be something like the Akrapovič Morsus. Some of the parts are bit too “custom” for us, like the mirrors and belt covers, but the overall shape and look is very catching. We like the disc-style wheels, which remind us of aero’d-out TT bicycles, and accordingly are made out carbon fiber discs (there are more than a few cyclists on the A&R crew).

We doubt we’d make it far on that seat, but that’s not really the point of the machine, which is of course to show off the Akrapovič exhaust, which has also been modified by Dreamachine. We’ve already waxed poetic about this, but we’ll give it another go since it aligns our ch’i in the right manner. Wax on, wax off.

Photos of the Akrapovič Morsus Custom Motorcycle:

Photos of Akrapovič’s Custom Exhaust Line:

Technical Details about the Akrapovič Morsus Custom Motorcycle:

  • Frame: by Dreamachine motorcycles
  • Engine:  S&S 113 CI (1852 ccm), 114 HP
  • Transmission: Ecoline  6 gears, hydraulic clutch
  • Primary: Zodiac 3¨ open belt, with support plate
  • Wheels: Alu – carbon by Dreamachine motorcycles, 26 inch, 3,5 front and rear
  • Suspension: front Showa radial forks, with 3 D triple trees by Dreamachine Motorcycles, rear Fox air
  • Handlebar controls: PT Radial
  • Brakes: Front 4 piston radial caliper, wave disc rotors, rear brake sprocket by Custom tech
  • Air filter: Akrapovič carbon end cap, modified by Dreamachine Motorcycles
  • Exhaust: Akrapovič custom titanium modified by Dreamachine Motorcycles
  • Color: Titanium

Source: Akrapovič via OmniMoto.it