90hp Supercharged/NOS Cagiva Mito to Rival the Desmosedici RR

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In its stock form, the Cagiva Mito is not the most outlandish motorcycle every created. It boasts only a tiny 125cc motor, that makes barely 15hp. But when Simone Barbagallo got his on an unsuspecting Mito, the result was something quite the opposite of ordinary.

Barbagallo has increased the little elephants peak power to 90hp by adding a supercharger and NOS system to the donor bike. Not willing to call it quits, he then proceeded to bore out the motor 200cc’s. With almost no stock part left to be replaced, the result is what Simone calls, the Scorpion Performance, and he’d be willing to part with it for $55,000.

Adding to the impressive motor work, the Scorpion Performance has some impressive body modifications as well. A rigid and lightweight single-sided swingarm holds onto a 17″ Marchesini forged magnesium rim, shod with Pirelli slicks. The bike also includes a digital display, 50mm USD Marazocchi forks, Brembo brakes, a 40mm Keihin carb, carbon fiber bodywork…and oh, a DVD player too, just to name a few things.

With the price creeping in on Desmosedici territory (and MotoCzysz E1pc territory), we’re not quite sure its the best bang for your buck, but the little elephant certainly does have a unique appeal of its own, and probably sounds like hell.

Source: Faster & Faster