Indian FTR1200 Updated with 17″ Wheels for the 2022 Model Year

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Today has been a busy day for new bike releases, and the Indian Motorcycle brand is looking to get in on the action as well, with and update to the FTR1200 lineup.

The revision, which is being cast as for the 2022 model year (though available now), is a rather large one for the flat-track inspired motorcycle, and they seem focused on the core criticisms levied at the machine.

First up, the headline change is that the Indian FTR family will go to a 17″ cast aluminum wheel setup – except for the Indian FTR Rally model, which will use a 19″ front wheel with an 18″ rear wheel, both of which are wire-spoked.

The change will help improve the handling of the FTR, while also provide owners with a more robust set of tire sport tire options. As such, the Indian FTR now comes with the Metzeler Sportec M9 tires.

For an added bonus, the new wheels, in conjunction with the 120mm travel suspension, now offer a seat height that is 1.4 inches shorter, which should make the FTR more approachable for shorter riders.

While the wheel size change was an often cried-for modification (or option for another model), we are happier to hear about a more critical change coming to the 2022 Indian FTR lineup.

This is because Indian also says that the FTR now comes with a new engine calibration, which will help with throttle response smoothness and predictability, as well as cold engine startups.

Those who read our review of the Indian FTR1200 will remember that we had some very critical words about the throttle mapping and application on the FTR – claims that were dismissed by Indian Motorcycle as being one-off complaints (despite two models we tested showing serious throttle issues).

Despite trying to gaslight us, and the public at large, on these issues, it is at least warming to see that Indian has addressed this critical issue with its motorcycle for the 2022 model year.

We see too that Indian is tackling some of our other complaints about the FTR, namely the pricing and feature structure of this street bike.

As such, fully adjustable suspension now comes to all the model trim levels, including the FTR base model, which sports a price tag now of $12,999 MSRP.

The Indian FTR S is $14,999; the Indian FTR R Carbon is $16,999; and the Indian FTR Rally is $13,999 MSRP.

All in all, Indian has done a good job of addressing the biggest criticisms of the FTR1200 when it debuted, which is always good to see. It is curious though that it has taken the American brand over one and half years to do it.

With today’s news too, it is unclear where Indian sits with its plans with the FTR family, as previously a family of models was to debut using the FTR1200 v-twin platform.

We suspect those bikes have been delayed by the refinements we see here today. Adjust your calendars accordingly.

Source: Polaris


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