KTM 1090 Adventure R – A Milder Insane ADV Bike

10/04/2016 @ 3:51 pm, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


If the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R is too much beast for you ADVness, then might we suggest the milder 2017 KTM 1090 Adventure R for your overlanding needs?

With KTM retiring the 1190 Adventure line, in favor of a dual-pronged attack with the 1090 and 1290 models, it makes sense then to see that the KTM 1090 Adventure will get an “R” badge for next year.

Typical for the Austrian brand, the KTM 1090 Adventure R makes its “R” distinction by being more off-road capable. That means 21″/18″ tubeless wire-spoke wheels, shod with Continental TKC 80 tires, along with other dirt-focused goodies.

This also means more crash protection, refined WP suspension pieces, including the WP PDS (Progressive Damping System) rear shock.

Visually, the KTM 1090 Adventure R follows the design trend that’s hitting KTM as a whole, with a very “unique” headlamp face coming to market for the 2017 model year. Expect to see this trend carry over into the Duke and Super Duke models as well, by the way.

Rounding out the 2017 KTM 1090 Adventure R package are a suite of electronics: Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC), combined ABS, different riding modes, and multi-mode traction control.

With peak power at 125hp, and curb weight (sans fuel) of 472 lbs, the KTM 1090 Adventure R is still more bike off-road than many can handle, but the platform has proven itself to be easy to ride, and the 6.1-gallon tank should help you get into plenty of adventure.











Source: KTM

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  • paulus

    sexiness overload…. so many lovely bikes this year

  • Matt Woolley

    Now we’re talkin’!

  • Alam Rahman

    I really like it. I also like the differentiation between the bikes. The 1050 looks like it isn’t the budget brother. Its got the same power as the heavy 1200GS and also more power than Honda’s Africa twin which should be its main competition?

  • appliance5000

    What’s the differentiation? It’s a re-sleeved 1190, and it weighs a bit more.

  • Peter Jowett

    Another overpowered 500lb “offroad” bike. Pretty and all, but missing the mark as far as I’m concerned. I’m sure it will sell, though.

  • Alam Rahman

    Well I thought this was the 1290 engine from the ‘Super Adventure’ or the 1290 Duke?
    The differentiation in that the 1290 is the R1200GS uber Adventure motorcycle, where as the 1050 with its off road bias is the more hardcore enduro overlanding choice.
    This is how I see it.

  • Alam Rahman

    Its probably aimed at guys like me who take on a light trail, rather then chaps who would probably ‘actually’ ride off road like you Peter.

    However knowing this machine is capable gives you that feeling of security. Its a Range Rover.

    If you want to really overland and tour off road then the a 690 like Adv would be the tool, however how big is the market for a bike like that?

  • LostinCO

    So the one thing no one is talking about for both the 1090 and 1290 Adventure R’s is what the electronics suite (traction control, ride mode, etc) does to the 125hp and 160hp, respectively when in an off road mode – enduro mode. Does it cut horsepower back to 100hp like 1190’s system does or do you get access to full value?!

  • Kerrie Man

    I only read this write-up tonite and maybe someone else has picked it…but I understand the split headlight 1290R will not be included on the 1090R. It seems obvious that KTM are pitching the 1090R directly at the Africa Twin in a direct attempt to usurp the Honda’s unbelievable success. I imagine it will also be aimed at the AT price wise also. It is logical that KTM would use as much of the outgoing 1190 gear as possible almost in the guise of a runout model. I really wish we could just take the trolley and go supermarket shopping for the best bits ( lighter 1090R with the badboy 1290 engine sans all the turning headlamps, towbars and overhead cigarette lighters that manufacturers get so excited about yet add so much weight, complexity and cost??) Kerrie Man