First Teaser of the 2017 Honda CBR250RR Appears

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The Honda CBR250RR is getting closer to breaking cover, with a teaser video of the quarter-liter sport bike coming to us this week from Honda’s Indonesian importer.

The video doesn’t give away too much on its face, but it does confirm the “RR” status of the new bike, and shows that many of the details that we have seen already on the Honda “Light Weight Super Sport” concept have made it into the production machine.

This bodes well for small-displacement motorcycle fans, with the upcoming Honda CBR250RR likely being the bike that many hoped Honda had initially produced, instead of the Honda CBR250R and Honda CBR300R combo.

Said to have a 14,000 rpm redline, the Honda CBR250RR still won’t be the screamer machine from the 1980s. However, with the added revs and sportier focus, the Honda CBR250RR should make a class-leading 45hp or more, and be more of a “no compromises” package for experienced riders.

To that end, we can see from the video the petal-syled brake discs, ABS brakes, upside down forks, and angular bodywork panels – all of which add to Honda’s mission to make a properly sporty machine for the 250cc demographic.

It is not clear when we will see the Honda CBR250RR officially drop – rumors say the bike will be in ASEAN dealerships by October.

So, we could see the 2017 Honda CBR250RR as early as this summer, thus getting ahead of the mad rush that comes in the fall. Or, we could see the new machine at one of the industry shows later this fall. Stay tuned.









Source: Honda Indonesia via TMC Blog