Triumph Thruxton Gets Updated for 2016

10/27/2015 @ 1:56 pm, by Jensen Beeler20 COMMENTS


It is only logical that if there’s a new water-cooled Triumph Bonneville T120 for the 2016 model year, then the 2016 Triumph Thruxton should get an update as well, right?

Accordingly for 2016, the Triumph Thruxton gets the same more powerful 1,200cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine that is debuting on the Bonneville T120.

Triumph is also adding the Thurxton R to the lineup, a more cafe racer inspired design that comes with a larger front fairing, Öhlins suspension, and Brembo brakes. An optional “Thruxton Inspirational Pack” is available as well, which adds a bevy of cosmetic changes, as well as a Vance & Hines exhaust system.

Like on the Bonneville, the chassis and other components have been improved upon as well, though you would have a hard time seeing those changes, as Triumph has been careful to retain that heritage look on the Thruxton.

We expect that retro-riders who are looking for a reliable café racer out of the box will need to look no further than the 2016 Triumph Thruxton. Expect to see the machine officially debut tomorrow, October 28th.







Source: MoreBikes

  • Petzi_baer

    Like it

  • Frédéric De Waegenaere

    ooooh, baby, please tell me it makes some more HP as well… Double front disc, beautiful monoblocks, gorgeous canopy on the track racer… yummie

  • Keith

    That café racer is the first Triumph I’ve ever been interested in–looks excellent. I like it almost as much as the Ducati Sport Classic 1000S…almost…

  • Robert Kwolek

    I’ve always liked mixing classic looks with a beefy modern fork. I second the comment about it being almost as good as the Ducati Sport Classic.

  • Jack Meoph

    A Thruxton that finally lives up to ………. some of my expectations. Who knows, a third Hinckley in the garage?

  • thruxton

    Just as i always wanted it to be! Modern yet classic sleek design, Semi-Fairing, USD Fork… Perfect! love it!!!!!!!!!!1111eleven!!1!!!

  • coreyvwc

    I’m guessing the price point on the Thruxton R will be about the same as the Daytona 675?
    It looks amazing, but it’s not going to come cheap…

  • John Walker

    Is this model made in Englund or Taiwan? I love the brand. I used to have a 78 Bonnevile and had a most excellent young adult experience.

  • john maros

    Love it!

  • MrDefo

    Interesting. The main barrier to buying a Bonneville for me is knowing that I will want to upgrade the suspension. It seems to me that if I’m spending good money on a bike (to say nothing of a new bike) then I shouldn’t have to spend a couple thousand on top just to make it a decent ride. So if this comes with those upgrades, maybe this is the way to go.

  • Alex

    This is right in my wheelhouse. I want to bring these wheels to my house. When will we see them in dealerships, spring, summer, fall?

  • Alex

    I agree and I think the upgraded suspension will be a worthwhile expense in this case, or in any case really.

  • LeChatNoir d’Tobac

    it is a better done and likely better running new -retro. wouldn’t mind giving it a go. Norton (the new) tried a similar approach with big air-cooled but i think Triumph has shown they do it better than a cottage builder, with the same flair style and probably more go.
    nice job, the old 865 twins while sounding good, never set me on fire with the performance.

  • Reid

    It all comes down to: how much? how fat? how fast?

  • tony

    amazing, incredible…us, not the bike! for once, we all agree on something… (and pretty spiffy new thrux as well)

  • Jack Meoph

    Triumph R models have always been a good bang for buck package. All the bits they put on, if sourced individually, would be more than the addition to the sales tag. And, all those parts have been factory tested to perform together. That’s a big plus.

  • Enfield Rider

    The red with the yellow shocks and all is a dead ringer for my Royal Enfield Continental GT in the styling department. Even the red stitching on the seat… Like my Enfield, a beautiful ride. I would imagine this has much more power though.

  • Petzi_baer

    Got a message from a Dealer that claims the prices are:

    $12,500 for the Thruxton and $14,500 for the Thruxton R.

    that would somewhat higher than the current model. But then the current model is 900ccm….

  • Alex

    Dang, I wasn’t planning on spending that much on my next bike. Now we’re talking BMW R nineT money. *gulp*

  • ZDM1197

    Love the Thruxton R” better in a triple….that said, they’ll sell out in a twin. But why the proprietary Ohlins….Brembo..I get it, but why. Get the price down by offering proprietary SHOWA and Nissans…just my .02 cents..