2016 Triumph Speed Triple Models Revealed

11/09/2015 @ 10:50 pm, by Jensen Beeler28 COMMENTS


We already showed you leaked photos of the 2016 Triumph Speed Triple, and now the British marque is ready for you to officially see its streetfighter model.

Though Triumph is speaking too much about technical details, we can see that the now-called Triumph Speed Triple S and Speed Triple R don’t deviate too far from the previous iteration of the venerable street-bike model. They do boast some important improvements though.

As is readily apparent, the two Speed Triple models have an updated look, but a closer inspection of the spec-sheet reveals an updated engine as well.

Triumph says that it has made over 100 changes – 104, to be precise – to its 1,050cc three-cylinder power plant, which include a new combustion chamber, new cylinder head, new machined crank, new piston design, and new ‘ride-by-wire’ throttle bodies.

Additional changes include the addition of a slipper clutch, a smaller and more efficient radiator, and an exhaust that flows more freely.

According to Triumph, all of these changes mean more torque across the rev-range, more power at the top-end of the power range (~140 hp), Euro 4 compliance, and a 10% increase in fuel efficiency. Not too shabby.

The addition of ride-by-wire means that user-selectable throttle maps are now possible, with five distinct riding modes available as well (Road, Rain, Sport, Track and a new Rider Configurable mode).

As you would expect, the Speed Triple R model includes tasty pieces like Öhlins suspension (NIX30 front forks and a TTX36 rear shock), carbon fiber body bits for the mudguard and fuel tank insert, and billet-machined bar clamps and risers, swingarm pivot covers, rear wheel finisher, and red-prainted radiator shrouds and rear subframe.

There’s no word yet on US pricing and availability.











Source: Triumph

  • Odd1

    Sweet! Loved my Trumpet when I had it.

  • Ayabe

    Not nearly enough for the price they’ll be asking. Even with a net increase of $0 this bike offers less equipment and less power than a S1000R/Tuono – every other super naked.

  • Superlight

    I have to agree. With all the competition out there this one is overmatched before it hits the market.

  • Clint Keener

    These look really great! Too bad they didn’t lower the price too.

  • coreyvwc

    Still a bit visually heavy with the under tail exhaust, but I think it looks amazing otherwise!
    Any idea if it dropped a few pounds or not?

  • Robert Kwolek

    These seem to sell really well, so I doubt Triumph feels too much pressure to lower the price.

  • Krylov

    While this latest iteration does not seem to be too far away from its predecessor, this might not be a bad thing: In the real world (away from any spec sheet competition) these big bore triples are a hoot to ride! With the added electronics (added traction control) and possibly even more torque (somewhere north of 120 Nm over a wide rev range would be nice) this should be a good one.

  • VWWV

    Yeah, I don’t think that’s why people buy Speedies

  • imprezive

    What makes you think they sell well? I live in SoCal and I never see them on the road. My local dealer never even had one in stock until they got an R like a year ago which is still sitting there. I would guess anecdotally that they sell terribly in the US.

  • Exercise the Demons

    All the armchair spec sheet racers will say this isn’t going to match up to the new KTM, Tuono, S1000R etc but from personal experience, having owned two of them, the Speedie rides well, has a wonderful and characterful motor, handles VERY well, is fun, and makes it easy to carry a lot of speed throughout the corners. The only real shortcoming is that, no it doesn’t make 180 horsepower. But honestly, it’s such a great all around bike that I don’t think it really needs it. I’ve had a lot of bikes, some with way more power, but the Speedie is really good at a lot of things. If I cared about outright speed, I’d get the BMW, the KTM is there for the V-Twin fans. Tuono is there if you want a racier bike with a killer V-4. If I cared about what everyone else rode and wanted to look cool, I’d buy a Harley or a BMW GS. Ride one of these and see for yourself, I’ll be you’ll be smiling!

  • Alclab Ventek

    Much improved aesthetics IMHO. Have to wait until the real world tests, but I certainly wouldn’t mind owning one of these beauties

  • Odiseo

    the original and true naked bike. Beautiful

  • VForce

    Ask any Triumph dealer and they will tell you that they can’t get enough Street Rs, and can’t give away Speed Triples. it’s not that its a bad bike, but the competition has not only caught them, but leap frogged. And the performance/ value proposition is just not there.

    Speaking as a former Speed Triple owner (’95 and 2006), if I were in the market to buy another naked sportsbike I would buy a Tuono V4.

    Looks wise, The new Speedy is an improvement over the “thanks for making me just throw up a little in my mouth” of the last model, but not by much. The headlights are an improvement, but still not quite right. From the side profile, they still sit too high.

    The Speedy seems to have an identity crisis, somewhat lost in it’s own lineup since the Street Triple came out. Much like what happened with the Ducati Streetfighter and Monster. Triumph should come up with something more original. Their competition each has its own look. The Tuono, KTM, and Monster all have distinctive styling, regardless if you like their styling or not.

    The Speed Triple looks matte graphite and red is sharp though, I will give it that.

  • VForce

    I was just thinking that we haven’t had a new model video complete with dubstep and extreme sports launched in the last 24 hours. Bravo Triumph.

  • ColdForged

    They did the snowboarding to emphasize that the new speed triple now wears goggles. I almost bought the last gen, but now I absolutely hate them

  • Robert Kwolek

    Thanks for the info about sales. I see a fair amount here in continental Europe, but I guess things are different elsewhere. I definitely agree that messing with the headlights isn’t going anywhere. In fact I still think the one two generations back is the most successful stylistically. It has an original look with the beefy dual underseat exhausts, and simple round headlights will always beat wonky shapes in my book.

  • irksome

    Opinion: Triumph started losing the aesthetic thread back when they went with high pipes and the 1050 motor and began producing just another naked bike when they dumped the bug-eyes. There comes a time when having been the originalish hooligan loses its cache and it’s time for a total reboot; see sales vs the Street Triple.
    It was never a speed king by any stretch (neither am I anymore!) but I can park my turn of the century Sp3 in a sea of newer nakeds and crotch rockets and still get looks and compliments. It makes gobs of torque and nothing else sounds like that 3-cyl howl. There’s nothing about the newer iterations that interests me.

  • VForce

    Agreed, the ’05-’07 were the pinnacle of the Speed Triple’s development. In ’08 it got those feminine looking wheels and then the party was over in 2011.

  • PierreLaPierre

    You are quite right but as an unashamed Brit just wanted to add in my two pennies worth…..previous owner of several speed triples (turned to the dark side with a Tuono..what else!?) the 105th change to the engine should have been to use the 1215cc motor and to reinstate the large round chromed optics aka 97/98. Opportunity missed this time around so perhaps they’ll do that for 2018 but a few years too late IMHO. One of my favourite bikes was my tuned 2004 Daytona morphed into a Speedy with gearing changed and optics sourced from a company in the USA. Picture attached for anyone interested. Triumph were building a triple engine with 955cc and 147 claimed HP almost 15 years ago……no reason why the 1215 engine couldn’t be used now with a very healthy 150HP and lots of torque….

  • Ayabe

    I’m not sure they do in the US, the value proposition isn’t there, that’s the point I’m trying to make.

    Every other super naked has equal or more character and is a superior performing machine in all aspects.

    This thing needs a 2K price drop to even have a chance.

  • Ace1

    It’s not a “super” naked. It falls more under the roadster category. Much like the r1200r. They are litre street bikes. The tuono and s1000r are essentially sport bikes without fairings.
    This is why I’d love to have one. I don’t want a high sprung sport bike. I have no need for a track bike. I want something more laid back in the litre class

  • Ayabe

    It’s not a super naked, you’re right, it’s just priced like one.

    That is the issue.

  • BBQdog

    Like the concept but never liked those headlights.

  • del1878

    ‘Value proposition’ ? Do you work in marketing?

  • Ace1

    I don’t look much at new bike prices but from what I recall litre bikes start around 13/14k and go up from there. It really doesn’t seem overpriced to me at 14,700 for the “r” version

  • Ayabe

    No, I have a real job which is why I’m not willing to pay premium prices for a middling motorcycle.

  • Ayabe

    Doesn’t really sound bad until you start shopping around and realizing you get less of everything at that price.

  • VWWV

    The Speed Triple engine generally has more power and torque across the RPM band than the comparable Tuono. The Tuono has a little more, on to, but any earlier, it’s the Speedie with better performance


    Character is really a subjective choice and I donm’t think anyone has ever accused the Speed Triple of having no character. I prefer the Tuono myself, but the feeling of owning the road is really unmatched on a Speedie.