Even More Photos of the Honda Africa Twin

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After a few grayscale photos of the new Africa Twin hit the internet from Honda’s Australian patent filing, now even more photos have emerged, which show the adventure-tourer from every angle…literally.

The Honda CRF1000L, as it is designated, will features a 1,000cc parallel-twin engine, an option dual-clutch transmission that has been tuned for road use, and a setup very similar to Honda’s Dakar stage-winning bike.

If the hype is to be believed, the Africa Twin is going to be a very capable off-road ADV bike, something that the machine’s 21-inch front wheel hints at with a purpose.

Most off-road enthusiasts are probably most keen to hear the bike’s dry weight (hoping for a sub-500 lbs figure), and of course its price tag, as these items will dictate the perception of how capable of an off-road Honda is making, and how obtainable it will be for mere mortals.

For the off-road purists, Honda will have a standard manually shifting machine available, which these photos actually show (you’ll note the foot lever and linkage in the photos).

It is also impressive to see a robust skid plate fitted to the Africa Twin, something we can tell since the patent images include a “below” shot of the ADV bike.

The gauge cluster sits high-up, making it easy to see when the rider is out of the saddle and in the gnar — something we’re surprised to see it’s taken this long for manufacturers to understand.

The Africa Twin name has always been synonymous with the Dakar Rally, and the visual cues here between the CRF1000L production bike and the CRF450 Rally race bike are obvious.

Until the 2016 Honda Africa Twin officially debuts, and gives us the full monty later this year, we will have to continue to put-up with the information as it slowly comes from Big Red. Hopefully Honda doesn’t pull a Kawasaki H2 though, and a 21-part video teaser series ensues.