2015 Yamaha FJ-09 Spotted in CARB Filings

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We were already tipped off to the Yamaha FJ-09 in Yamaha’s trademark filings with the US government, the bike’s design has also recently been outed in European trademark filings, and now the supposed three-cylinder sport-tourer has been confirmed for 2015 by the California Air Resources Board.

Featuring the same displacement as the Yamaha FZ-09, it is a safe bet that Yamaha’s triple goes unchanged for the FJ-09, with the differences between the two bikes likely being mostly aesthetic.

There is however a difference between the emission levels on the two bikes, possibly indicating different riding maps have been created for FJ-09. The exhaust for the two machines appears to be the same.

The CARB filing also lists two model numbers, which the astute will notice as being two color options for the FJ-09; and not two separate models coming from Yamaha, as other reports have indicated. This is normal from Yamaha North America.

It’s not clear when Yamaha intends to debut the 2015 Yamaha FJ-09, though during the autumn trade shows is a good bet.

Considering that the model will come to North America, as well as Europe, an INTERMOT or EICMA debut is likely, rather than a debut at the AIMExpo in October, which is held in Florida. Time will tell on that one though.

Source: CARB via