Is a 2015 Suzuki GSR1000 Coming?

07/03/2014 @ 4:11 pm, by Jensen Beeler19 COMMENTS


Speculation for the 2014 trade shows is starting to trickle in, and the fine journalists at the German magazine Motorrad have for us the latest gossip regarding a new model for 2015. Confirming a great deal of speculation, Motorrad tips that we will see a Suzuki GSR1000 at October’s INTERMOT show.

Call it a standard, a streetfighter, or a street naked, the GSR1000 is said to be without fairings and based off the Suzuki GSX-R1000, using the same 999cc four-cylinder engine as the superbike, albeit in an unfortunately detuned state — not to dissimilar from the Suzuki GSR750.

Figures of 150hp are being banded about for power, and that might not be enough as the GSR1000, which will debut in a very crowded space, as seemingly every Japanese and European motorcycle manufacturer (Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Aprilia Ducati, KTM, Triumph, & even EBR) has a horse in this race.

If true, news of the GSR1000 bodes well for Suzuki in two ways. First, it shows signs of life at the Hamamatsu company, which has perhaps been the most dormant through, and after, the global recession.

So far Suzuki has paced itself on new model development, with the Suzuki V-Strom 1000, but the rekindling of its MotoGP program certainly is a good sign, as would be a new bike like the GSR1000.

Secondly, Suzuki has been surprisingly absent in the performance-oriented big-displacement street naked category, with the Suzuki Bandit (Suzuki GSX1250FA) holding down the spot in the US and European markets.

Perhaps the only manufacturer in the game without a proper entry, the Suzuki GSR1000 would fill a fairly obvious hole in the Japanese company’s lineup.

With rumors swelling before this news, and Motorrad being a very reliable publication, chances are we’ll see a GSR1000 debut in a few months’ duration. But as always, time will tell.

Source: Motorrad

  • paulus

    Not so sure Suzuki would be successful on this project.
    They lost out with the B-King and the GSR750 is not exactly a sales success.
    The Bandit was a roaring success, but based on an affordable package
    Let’s see where a price point would be.

  • There’s a bike here that none of the manufacturers seem to want to build. It’s their current top sports bike with flat bars, a bigger top fairing, a slightly more comfortable riding position and NOTHING ELSE CHANGED. It’s the rich old git kit and the functional equivalent of a BMW M5 or DB7. Seriously fast but not also stupidly uncomfortable.

    Yes, streetfighters are fun. but when did you last here somebody building a streetfighter say “I’ll just detune the engine and put on cheaper suspension.”

  • EBR seems to be onto that, though it should be noted that for a small company like them, it’s a lot easier to just take the fairings off and call it a new bike.

  • JoeD

    I do wish everyone would stop emphasizing HP. Torque is what engines “make” and that is what ups the grin factor. If you ever get to ride a Benelli TnT, you will understand. 98 lb.ft and 170 top end has all of the fun your license can bear. Some get it, most do not.

  • MikeG81

    Meh, rather the GSR750. Emailed Suzuki Canada and they gave the canned, no plans to bring it here response.

  • DogDBountyHunter

    Dang, why all the snobbery? I think it looks great and at 150 HP, it would be a rocket. My 130 hp (optimistic) Triumph Speed Triple is plenty quick but but after an hour, my neck is killing me. People forget that these bikes are for poking around town and the curvy roads, not for hyper speeds on the highway.

  • I bought a ’12 Ducati MultiStrada simply because I wanted superbike performance with a ‘normal’ riding position that would allow me to do 400 mile days X 10. And no, I don’t ride the bike off road. Why Japan hasn’t built a similar bike to the MTS is beyond me. A GSXR, OR 1000RR, with a 1/2 fairing + top notch suspension & brakes would sell. Lots of guys, in my age group (58), would buy it. So, what does Suzuki do? Build a naked! Gotta be kidding.

  • Agent55

    If it happens, looks like that and is appropriately up-spec with a proper swingarm, suspension and brakes I’ll be very impressed. Kawi has done something similar, with the glaring exception of aesthetics, the Z1000 is a hideous creation.

  • Arne

    I guess they’re trying to compete with the Z1000 and Honda CB1000R. Does seem like B-King territory.

  • Richard Gozinya

    With naked bikes, how much power can you really utilize for more than a few seconds at a time? I’d rather see a company stop at around 100hp, and then focus on handling. Make the bike as light as possible, work the suspension, smooth out the power band, up the torque. The horsepower war is boring, as so few of us can actually utilize the additional power. But a lightness war, now that would be interesting!

    Would be great to see, for example, something with the Street Triple engine, in a bike that weighs under 300 lbs wet.

  • CW

    A step in the right direction for Suzuki. The days of buying SS bikes because they are the only performance option are over. I, like most of us, can’t do the leaned over thing any longer. I need to sit up to be able to enjoy a bike these days. The Gixxer 1000 mill is sweet, and will make for a nice option in this category.

    Suzuki needs to continue to diversify it’s offerings. They have that wonderful Hayabusa motor that needs to go into a roadster or a nice ST bike. Or, make a ST version of the bike shown in the article. Suzuki has always represented a great value in the motorcycle world. They usually lack the fit and finish of Honda and BMW, but in my experience with a handful of their bikes, they are very reliable and robust. I hope to see more Suzuki options in the future.

    I would love to see a reasonably light weight bike with Ninja 1000 ergonomics, and the Hayabusa motor in it’s belly!

  • Damn

    I hope this wont be the BIG NAKED for suz.
    i don’t like a racer without fairings and call it naked. what kawa does i like!
    this looks just old! just another bored bike by suz! seems they really lost it with roadbikes. for several year allready!!

  • Steve

    As much as I’d like to see Suzuki release this bike. I reckon they need to make it stand out against the rest of bikes in this market. They should give it a top half fairing like BMW are supposed to be releasing in the s1000f. maybe give it a retro touch along the lines of the early gsxr series/ gs1200ss, a decent pillion/luggage capacity, top class suspension, and 150 to 160 hp, capture several niches. Ultimate road bike. I’d buy one.

  • Mitch

    Also here to say that the engine is not ‘de-tuned’, it’s re-tuned to distribute some of the otherwise inaccessible top end horsepower that makes sense for a racing bike into useable torque for the street. I like my 600RR but the rocketship style acceleration that leaves it fairly gutless in the low end is a poor fit for the street (which is why I keep it on the track).

  • Jaybond

    If the new Suzuki streetfighter is going to keep up with the current breed of European supernakeds, the power unit must not be detuned too much – at least it should have around 170 hp and some form of Traction Control system must also be fitted.

  • MikeD

    I just want an affordable Hayabusa based sport tourer and we shall call it Cavalcade. lol.

    No, seriously . . . silly name aside I do want that. I already have a MAGNIFICENT naked as my one and only ride at the moment: SV1000N.

    Where I live we have no use for high HP unfaired bikes, we have long flat str8 roads anywhere you go. I’m already tired of fighting wind blast.

  • Marc

    Please stop calling tuning for midrange power “detuning.” It only encourages people to spec sheet race and buy bikes that they’ll actually be slower on than the one properly tuned for street use.

    Detuning would be to lengthen maintenance cycles or decrease cost, not to move the power band. An MTS1200 is NOT a DEtuned 1198, it is a TUNED 1198.

  • Craig

    HP is over rated, suspensions are under rated and comfort is an afterthought. I welcome both GSR 750 & 1000. Manufacturers only need to browse the forums to learn what the average rider wants.

  • I think that everybode have a GSR750A will make a up grade to GSR1000. It’s my case, I’m anxious to arrivel the new super naked suzuki, therefore I’m very delighted to GSR750A, a love suzuki motorcycles and I will not change the manufacturer. to me suzuki is the best, and one naked 1000 we need more than 160hp, 11kgfm, a good abs sistem, 2 o 3 ijection maps and a good traction sistem.