The autumn trade shows, INTERMOT and EICMA, are nearly upon us, and that means a plethora of new bikes are just weeks away from being unveiled to the public.

Some of the bikes we have seen coming for some time now, like the Ducati Scrambler and BMW S1000F (or whatever BMW plans on calling it); other bikes we have only just learned about, like the Yamaha TDM-09 (as the press is calling it) and the Suzuki GSX-S1000; and then there are the motorcycles we can only speculate about.

However, no machine has been more leaked, rumored, and anticipated than the KTM 390 Adventure. Like its sport bike counterpart, the KTM RC390, the smaller adventure bike is built around the KTM 390 Duke platform.

That means roughly 43hp from the 373cc single-cylinder thumper, and 325 lbs of mass from the budget road and trail bike. Tipped way back in 2011 , we have been expecting the KTM 390 Adventure ever since, and with recent spy photos and rumors out of Austria, it appears ready as a 2015 model.

The above rendering has gotten the moto news sites talking about the new Orange bike once again, though the details remain largely the same. As expected, the machine in question would be built in India by Bajaj, and have siblings in the 125cc and 200cc categories, to help with tiered licensing countries.

We probably shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves though, as it will likely be quite some time before we see the KTM 390 Adventure on US soil. After all, KTM USA still hasn’t brought over the KTM 390 Duke which debuted in 2012, nor the KTM RC390 which debuted in 2013. We can keep wishing though.

Photo: Motorendering.com

  • TheSeaward

    Chrisake KTM, sell me an RC390 or this thing. Do something. The 500 EXC is an amazing machine, but I don’t want that kind of maintenance on a dual sport. Just don’t cheap on the suspension. Please. I would have bought an RC390 as a track bike in an instant, but you won’t sell me one. I even emailed you dorks and pleaded for these.


  • Xan

    Man, I hope that render doesn’t end up being the final product. That thing just looks tiny! I get that it isn’t a beast, but most manufacturers have wised up to the idea that people want a smaller engined bike to pretty much look like it’s bigger brothers. This one looks a little too close to the dirt bike side of the adventure/dirt scale.

    While it isn’t beastly, the 650GS is still beefier, and really isn’t distinguishable from the 700GS. You could tell this and a 990 adventure apart from a mile away…

  • paulus

    The 500EXC is a competition bike… road legal. The maintenance is not high.
    I bought a brand new 500EXC 2013 which I Enduro every weekend. In 18 months / 320 hours were run before any engine work was given (given… not required). I did not even adjust valve clearances. Whilst this seems irresponsible, it was to prove a point to my KTM critic riding partners about reliability. I kept on going and going….

    “the smaller adventure bike is built around the KTM 390 Duke platform.”
    The 390 Duke is built around the 350 EXC engine. These are Austria produced (at the moment).
    Let’s hope it is a variation on the EXC and not a hop up from the RC390

  • Tifo

    While I appreciate that KTM are finally listening to the masses that a smaller capacity Adventure is wanted, when are they going to give in and produce an official 690 Adventure? God knows, we’ve been crying out for one since they ceased production of the old 640. PLEEEEEEEEEASE!

  • TheSeaward

    paulus, I knew the 500s were more competition oriented, but didn’t realize they were that abuse resistant. Thanks for the insight.

  • BBQdog

    Hope they got the suspension right this time. So far the Bajaj ‘quality’ doesn’t convince,
    not on the 390 series nor on the 690.

  • Karikor

    I don’t think Bajaj manufactures the 690.

  • mxs

    Of course they don’t …690 is assembled in Austria. BTW, 390 suspension is just fine for what it is.

    KTM North America continues to be a failure as far as their street motorcycle marketing and sales … in another words it is greatly lacking. Shame.

  • BBQdog

    “690 is assembled in Austria”

    Yes, but is has got the crappy Bajaj suspension.
    So much for Austra quality ….

  • BBQdog

    “390 suspension is just fine for what it is”

    I guess you never road one on bad roads or own one.
    If you are lucky it is just so so …. if you’re unlucky the front fork will hardly move.
    But it is definitely not ‘fine’.

  • Jerry

    What difference does it make they wont I said WONT bring it to the US!!!!!!!!!!