2015 Erik Buell Racing 1190SX Debuts

06/11/2014 @ 12:13 pm, by Jensen Beeler24 COMMENTS


While hosting a press rider for the Erik Buell Racing 1190RX at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, EBR unveiled its next street bike, the 2015 Erik Buell Racing 1190SX. Since Asphalt & Rubber, the premier sport bike motorcycle blog, was apparently not invited to the event, we’re a little light on details for our million monthly readers.

However, we do know that the 1190SX is the naked version of the 1190RX, sharing many of the same chassis components. What we don’t know is what Erik Buell Racing has done inside the motor, as motorcycle manufacturers are often prone to detune their streetfighters, to help differentiate them from their superbike counterparts.

Erik Buell strikes us as the kind of man that would be resistant to that trend, if for no other reason than to try something else in the market, cue ZTL brakes, fuel-in-frame chassis designs, and underslung exhaust worshiping. More details as we get them on the 1190SX, but until then, here’s the first photo of the 2015 Erik Buell Racing 1190SX streetfighter.

Based off what we can see on the 1190SX, the design from the 1190RX has been heavily recycled, including the headlight shape. EBR has obviously taken away much of the RX’s fairings to make the SX more naked, but it has retained its now signature exhaust, and other design elements.

Aside from the bikini fairing changes, we spot a standard handlebar as mounted, which will give a more upright sitting position when compared to the RX’s clip-on style bars. The rearsets appear to be in the same position, as does the seat and fuel tank. Hopefully we won’t have long to wait before we know all the details on this machine.



Source: EBR

  • Bill

    I am very excited about this. Can’t wait to see what the stats are. They still have a teaser for the 1190AX which I assume to possibly mean an American adventure bike.

  • That is the rumor.

  • steve

    Another bike that no more than 100 people will be interested in… yawn

  • Grey Matter

    Steve, How wrong you are already. The bike will sell in Europe and the US, I’d say that’s a lot more than 100 potential buyers. Maybe you should read up before you post up.

  • hoyt

    @steve – “yawn” …very original. That was dumb the 1st time someone wrote it online in about 1994.

    Have you ridden one of the new 1125 Buells? Those are very fast & linear. Can’t imagine the new EBRs.

    The DMV has riding permits for you to get started.

  • Mike

    P’ugly pipes.
    Seat looks as comfortable as a rat’s elbow.
    Still, it’ll sell on the back of their World Superbike success…

  • Eddie

    “Still, it’ll sell on the back of their World Superbike success…”

    You mean a season best 16th for Yates at Sepang? Seems like a dubious definition of success.

  • Ha! Scooped you by 2 hours, sucka!

  • How’s the rain Gabe? Did you guys get on the track at least?

  • Drizzy

    Here’s a little video of the unveiling…

  • Oliver

    American made track and sport bikes, with innovative ideas. We have to start somewhere over here to combat the Weekend Harley Warriors and this is a fine place to start. Like Paradise Lost, if you can’t dig that than you must not be enjoying life much.

  • Oliver

    Also lets wait on the sarcastic jokes about their SBK success until next year or the year after when they aren’t basically running a superstock bike against heavily souped wealthy manufacturers.

  • Eddie

    I have nothing against EBR, I hope they do well in sales and on the track. But setting the “success” bar at getting a bike on track is setting it too low.

  • I like this article, and also I like the bike hehe, Greetings

  • KSW


    Don’t feel bad that EBR forgot about you. I put them in touch with Paul Phillips and gave them all the background on competing at the TT 2 years ago. Think they called when they needed photos prior to the Isle of Man? Uh, that’s a no. Bidniz as usual in the motorcycle world. Glad they got it all sorted and the phone calls stopped though even if the bike was as competitive as a ……..

  • Grey Matter

    Two bikes (though the SX was “easy” to design) in one year not long after being nothing and a scribble on a diner napkin after HD gave Buell the heave ho? I have a lot of respect for Erik Buell and what he’s doing. These bikes are the corner stone for something bigger. And who the heck just puts a WSBK machine on the grid after being in business for 2 years? Like the bikes or not, he’s the only one with the balls to do it and entire season, not just a cameo at Laguna like the now defunked MJM AMA team did last year.

    I’d like to see where Motus is in ten years, faded into nothing maybe?

  • proudAmerican

    Should we be worried about ‘attention to detail’ when the front tire on the white press bike is on backwards?

  • @Jensen: yeah, we actually had more tracktime than I could handle! It sprinkled here and there and there was standing water in turn 1, but it was pretty dry in the afternoon and I could have gone much faster if I wasn’t such a pussy. As I was leaving the track it started to pour. The gods favored us.

  • Kaw4Life

    Ugly exhaust, uncomfortable seat ….


    Haters gunna hate.

    Congrats Eric !!!!

  • Patron

    Love Buells. Owned one, ridden many, love the attitude of the guy building them. Don’t like the look of this one though. Those lights and exhaust….not a fan. BUT……someone will buy ‘er. Prob a lot of fun to ride.

    As far as Buell and adv bikes? He has never made one. Ulysses is a fun bike to ride on the street and perhaps a little gravel, but to be a true adv bike you have to at least be able to get I to a LITTLE rough stuff. No way would i ever take a Ulysses on a true adv trip. I’m sorry but if EB builds an adv bike, and I would love to see that happen, he is going to have to put a little more effort into it than he did with the Ulysses. That bike was an afterthought slapped together to look like something it wasn’t.

  • Slangbuster

    Pretty easy to criticize someones effort and vision from the couch with mom’s keyboard on your lap. Eric has always been a forward thinker and saw his failures as opportunities to do it better. Oh, and by the way, I’ll take one in red.

  • walkingshadow

    A “maxi-naked” is what we need on the road of Europe … possibly with a “tourism” adaptation in-house or aftermarket ;-)
    For the fun, a smaller engine could be enough !

  • K1200Rider

    Numbers on the bike look great! and i am pretty sure it handles like a dream. But Erik needs to heavily invest in a good styling department. that headlight is outright hideous. It looks like the styling cues from a group of engineers, instead of a design group. I will take one, if i can swap that headlight for the 1125CR headlight (currently rocking the CR headlight on my home made zx10r naked bike, lol!)

  • sburns2421

    I think it is remarkable that EBR exists and has been able to produce two products that are more or less completely new. For that the team (Buell specifically) deserves much credit.

    However, he is competing in a difficult market these days. Sportbikes sales remain in decline, and competitors make a damn good product. How many consider an RX over a Panigale? How many would want to pay more for the SX when a Tuono will likely tear it up on the spec sheet and the real world?

    This bike (SX) is a nice effort. Not as fugly as many naked bikes these days, and it does have some neat features. But at the end of the day EBR has to sell bikes, and this seems like an even more difficult task than creating them in the first place.