2015 Ducati Monster 800 Spotted

03/25/2014 @ 5:26 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that with the debut of the Ducati Monster 1200, that another liquid-cooled Monster was around the corner, to fill in the middleweight segment. With Ducati already having the 821cc Testastretta 11° engine in the Hypermotard line, that engine will get double-duty with the 2015 Ducati Monster 800.

Spotted by the BikeSocial website run by Bennetts, an insurance company in the UK, we get our first glimpse of the Monster 800 in the wild. Visually the 821cc machine is almost identical to its 1,200cc counterpart, but the new Monster clearly has a double-sided swingarm holding onto its rear tire.

Expect roughly 110hp from the Monster 800 (as already seen on the Ducati Hypermotard), which should slot in well with the Monster 1200 line’s 135/145hp power figures. We would expect ABS and Ducati’s traction control package to come standard.

Though Ducati typically waits until INTERMOT or EICMA to release new models, Bennetts is tipping a summer debut. By the look of how complete the Ducati Monster 800 looks in this photo, that wouldn’t surprise us in the least. Stay tuned Ducatisti.

Source: BikeSocial

  • Bill

    Depending on price point this will once again be a huge seller for Ducati. I love the mid displacement naked bike.

  • paulus

    The 800 Monster range is a hug cash cow for Ducati in Asia… this would be a great seller here.

  • upgrayyed

    I think that photo is taken outside Yamaha’s Indonesian utility closet.

  • Tank top heavy from this angle. I hope it uses the same tank as the 1200.

    Add a 1/2 fairing and I see SuperSport.

  • Westward

    I like it… Would like it even more if it had a single-sided swing-arm…

  • I agree with Westward, needs a single sided swing-arm. Not only are they sexier, I think it’s easier to adjust the chain, at least in my limited experience it has been.
    I’m still looking really hard at the Hypermotard for my naked bike of choice from Ducati, though replacing my current Monster with one of these is tempting.

  • Fast n Nasty

    How is this *better* than the current monster? They lose everything that gives the bike personality, like the beautiful air cooled motor and trellis frame. In replacement we get radiators, coolant hoses, ugliness, big bulgy fugly muscle tank, and probably worst of all, the stupid electronics that dilute the riding experience. Who asked for electronic throttle and “riding modes”? Do you really want to change a mode every time you go from “urban” riding to “touring” etc? Or do you just want to ride? Stop drinking the Kool Aid, folks. Ducati is so full of themselves. Newer is not always better, unless you are a technology freak who loves ridiculously trite gadgets. Serious motorcyclists I doubt would see the purpose in owning a 110hp bike and riding it in a “mode” that only provides 75. They want to compete in technology, go build a Ducati computer. The whole reason a lot of us ride is to get away from all that crap and distraction. Ducati used to build raw, unique motorcycles with personality. Now what are they? Nothing but a bunch of narcissists buttering their own muffins.

  • Richard Gozinya

    It’s all been downhill since the 696 came out.

  • @ richard g & fat and nasty

    take a re-look at the streetfighter
    its got heaps of personality and mine has no rider modes. it also doesn’t ‘lug’ at low speeds..


  • Superlight

    Fast n Nasty, I may agree with you about all the electronics being added to the new bikes, but it seems you’re resisting the obvious – more electronics are here to stay, no matter what we think. Ducati is just another motorcycle company staying up with the trends.

  • Richard Gozinya

    @ arkangel

    I’m personally not into the Streetfighter, just doesn’t really do anything for me. When it comes to nakeds, I have no love for liquid cooled engines, probably never will. I’m sure for those who like that bike it’s a lot of fun, but it’s just not for me. I really can’t think of a single bike in Ducati’s current lineup that holds the slightest interest for me, for that matter.

    It’s all subjective though, fortunately there’s enough variety out there to find something for pretty much every taste.

  • Sean

    The dual-sided swingarm is ok on the 899, because the muffler is underneath. But a traditional muffler can be tucked in closer to the wheel, if the swingarm is not in the way, and it’s easier to route the exhaust pipe. I hope that this swingarm won’t result in right-boot-heel-jammed-against-the-exhaust-pipe syndrome.

    Re electronics: I won’t buy a bike without ABS, which probly cost Ducati at least one Streetfighter sale. And TC may be overkill on an 800cc motor, but it pays for itself, the first time that you turn a corner on a rainy day, and don’t have the rear tire spin out on the painted crosswalk stripe. :-}

  • The Truth

    That’s so stupid how the picture is photoshopped blurred. This pic is all over the internet without the blurring.