2015 BMW R1200RS — Welcome Back the Sport-Tourer

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A bit more of a surprise at INTERMOT from the German brand, the 2015 BMW R1200RS has also broken cover, in addition to the 2015 BMW R1200R roadster model.

Again using the now tried-and-true liquid-cooled boxer design, the BMW R1200RS makes an unsurprising 125hp (this should surprise no one who is familiar with BMW’s model lineup).

However, BMW is quick to note that the R1200RS makes a little bit more torque, earlier than the other models, because of the R1200RS’s modified airbox and air intake snorkels.

As on the R1200R, ABS and ASC are standard, as are two riding modes. If you want the “Pro” riding mode with BMW’s “dynamic” traction control though, you’ll have to pay for it as an option — no surprise there. ESA is also an add-on.

A bit smaller and leaner than the R1200RT, the BMW R1200RS is the sportier touring option for boxer lovers. BMW’s 2015 model lineup seems intent on filling all the gaps, which the RS does nicely within the company’s range.

Source: BMW

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