Updated 2014 Yamaha Super Ténéré Coming to the USA

03/10/2014 @ 4:06 pm, by Bryan Delohery3 COMMENTS


After months of speculation and rumors that the United States might not get the newest version of Yamaha’s best-selling adventure bike, the company has announced that the 2014 Super Ténéré will be available stateside.

Yamaha is offering the 1,199cc parallel twin in two different trim levels, the Super Ténéré and the Super Ténéré ES. Notable improvements to the 2014 models include an updated multi-function display, traction contro,l and a redesigned windscreen that is now adjustable.

The most impressive improvement comes to the Super Ténéré ES however, which receives adjustable electronic suspension.

With the push of a button, one can toggle between 84 different suspension settings, which allow the rider to adjust preload, compression, and rebound.

Riders of the previous version will immediately notice that the handle bars are taller and have been pulled closer, allowing more control and better riding position.

There is a modest boost in power as the 2014 Super Ténéré gains an additional two horsepower and one and a half lbs•ft of torque. LED style turn signals have been added for 2014 and the ES version receives heated grips.

Yamaha USA says the Super Ténéré will be available as of April 2014 and will have an MSRP of $15,090 for the base model, and $16,190 for the ES version.




Source: Yamaha USA

  • Mike

    Still too heavy for my tastes. The electronic suspension is awesome but they need to make a ~425 lb tenere with the FZ-09 motor.

  • Rabob

    The Range Rover of bikes. Most people won’t take them offroad, and those that do will crash them.

  • Bruce Monighan

    RaBob, you are pretty much wrong. It is a small community of owners and the vast majority of owners have been off road with them. I have had mine 2 1/2 years and just turning over 36,000 miles. I did a 9,000 mile round trip ride to Prudhoe Bay in 2012. I have done a lot of dirt bike riding; motocross, enduros and observed trials and will tell you regardless of the weight it does off road really well. I was at 70+ mph last weekend on a dirt road in Death Valley and did an off road climb over a 7,000 ft pass there also.

    I too would love to see them lighter, at least 150 lbs lighter. By the way most people “crash” their dirt bikes on a regular basis. I also invite you to follow the Tenere forum to learn more about the bikes. By the way did you ride one before you made your comments?