2014 Motus MST Sport-Tourer Launching at Laguna Seca

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It was two years ago that I first caught glimpse of the Motus MST at Laguna Seca (actually, I missed seeing the prototype machine at the track, and had to ambush the Motus crew at Alice’s Restaurant the next day), but now the American motorcycle upstart is ready to debut its production sport-tourer.

As Motus Motorcycles CEO Lee Conn attests to in the company’s teaser video (below), it has been a long road for Motus to get to this point. Dropping gasoline direct injection (GDI) for port fuel injection on it proprietary 1,650cc V4 engine (which is available too as a crate motor), Motus has also struggled to find dealers out west, and meet its time-to-market goals.

That all seems to be behind the Motus team now, as they gear up to debut their $30,975 in front of California’s MotoGP race weekend crowd. Putting a capital “S” in sport-tourer, Motus hopes that the 165hp MST or 185hp MST-R ($36,975) will be ample fun for any rider on a curvy road, whether they are hitting the corners hard for recreation, or putting down the long lonely miles during a country tour.

Asphalt & Rubber will be on-hand the Red Bull US GP at Laguna Seca (natch) to see the MST launch, and Lee…you know I’ll be bugging you for a ride on the MST, right?

Photos of the 2014 Motus MST & Motus MST-R:

Source: Motus Motorcycles