More Photos and Video of the 2014 Kawasaki Z1000

11/02/2013 @ 8:40 pm, by Jensen Beeler28 COMMENTS


We already showed you the first glimpse of the 2014 Kawasaki Z1000 two weeks ago, but with just a few days until the start of the 2013 EICMA show, Kawasaki’s new naked bike is giving us the full monty, courtesy of Japan’s Mr. Bike. Getting a chance to film the new Kawasaki Z1000 with up-close panning shots, we are even treated to the new Z’s exhaust note.

For the new model year, things seem to be mainly an aesthetic overhaul — the great internet debate is now whether the new Z1000 retains its predecessor’s 136hp motor, or whether the machine gets the 140hp lump from the Kawasaki Z1000SX. One would presume the latter, though both engines are of the same ilk and difficult to distinguish from visually.

Whatever the case may be, power output will be roughly similar, with maybe the 2014 Kawasaki Z1000 getting 4hp or so extra. From the screen captures though, we can see that ABS has been added to the new Kawasaki Z1000, and a quick look at the dash shows us that Kawasaki’s dual-riding mode system is present, along with its three-level KTRC traction control system.

Full details on the 2014 Kawasaki Z1000 will drop Tuesday, November 5th at the EICMA show, and Asphalt & Rubber will be there to bring you all the info.









Source: Mr. Bike

  • MeatyBeard

    But why is it so ugly?

  • Kalo

    This is one seriously ugly bike! Horrible design! Then again, should know better than to expect anything good from Kawazaki! Absolute p.o.s!

  • Bern

    I don’t think anyone buys a z1000 because it’s a pretty bike. I think my ’08 was one of the ugliest bikes I ever owned. I also think it was the best out-of-the-box hooligan bike I’ve ever owned. That’s why I loved it so much. This new one has me thinking of trading in the old Brutale.

  • Paul McM

    Sigh… Heads need to roll at Kawasaki. If Kawa’s decision makers can’t understand how repellent the styling is on this bike, they need to find another job (on another planet — the one where Predator comes from). What does it say about the styling that I want to see one that’s been crashed so all the swoopy stuff has been removed. On the positive side — I bet the motor will pull tree stumps. As for styling, umm, well the green stripes on the rims don’t look bad (you see I said something nice).

  • I kinda like the looks…but then again, the front looks a bit a like my Ducati Streetfighter. Haters gonna hate, I guess.

  • DAMN

    but why is it so ugly? because it aint!!!!
    its a stunning agressive looking bike and its beautifull made!! i like the new ktm but this thing i like even more! if i had the money i would buy 1 right away! the total design is just amazing! Go Kawa

  • JoeD

    I would not trade the Benelli for one but for me, the only parts to be design blasphemy are the mufflers. Ugly, fugly, coyote ugly.

  • Rmagic

    Very aggressive futuristic design by Kawasaki. Headlights are growing on me but an owner could easily fab up something different.This bike has a lot of potential as a streetfighter and would be right at home on a site such as customfighters.

  • johnson


  • Tom

    I’ve had your first ZX14, I’ve had your 2011 ZX10R, I have your2013ZX14R. Be Kawasaki! Give us the aggressive look (you did-mostly), but give us the power of it’s sibling ZX10R or 14R! You are currently leading the pack from Japan, keep your reputation for power and aggressive looks!

  • Mariani

    This design isn’t winning me over.

    It looks like they took a perfectly fine naked motorcycle and replaced the light with the head of an action figure up front, and then went on to glue bits of plastic over the sides of the fuel tank and frame.


    But then again I like the GSX-R’s styling, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

  • CTK

    I love it. It’s not for everybody, but it’s for somebody. There are enough boring safe naked bikes. I’m glad to have some afforable variety.

  • Ducati Monster

    Kinda reminds me of teenage mutant NINJA turtles :) Very apropos

  • Anvil

    Oh, dear. Comic book design.

    On a positive note, some of the components look nicely made.

  • mfnpnch

    I gave the spy photo a lot of crap when I first saw it because of the headlight design. In all honesty it doesn’t look quite as bad here as I thought. It looks super aggressive and the overall bike has a gorgeous proportion. Its not sexy, but it is cool looking. Definitely a masculine bike. Interpret that how you will. Personally I still prefer the outgoing model, but this one is growing on me. I doubt I would ever put this bike on my shopping list regardless of price, what with bikes like the Duc Streetfighter and the 1290 Superduke out there, but its one I would really like seeing on the street.

  • BackSlash_cu

    Sorry, but I see it cool!, like the others Z1000, it’s just about taste.

  • Jean

    That thing is fugly.
    Compared to the other naked out there like a Duc SF1098, a MV Brutale, the new KTM 1290, the Tuono, the new 1200 Monster, and the yet to be announced BMW S1000R, this thing really looks bad and cheap.
    That headlight is straight out of a bad aftemarket parts catalog.

    Sorry Kawa, loved my 2003 Z1000, but you lost it since the 2007 gen.

  • Ian

    The Z-1000 has been, and remains, one of my absolute favorite motorcycles on the market. I’ve owned the last three renditions of it (2 of the most recent styling) and I will own this one. Not sure how anyone can hate this bike, but then again, I’m not sure anyone can NOT hate a Harley, and they seem to be selling okay! In reference to Jean’s comment above, I actually think a lot of the styling queues are very similar to that of the Duc 1098, particularly the new headlight.

  • David

    I like it, thank kawi.

  • paulus

    The more I look at it, the more I like it.
    The side profile is really quite stunning… got a bit of a tank hump though.
    As others have said… it is an alternative to the boring designs.

  • What happen to Kawasaki designer??? Headlamp fail! Position too low for me, other than HID bulb it(headlamp) is suck, other part is awesome!

  • avsatishchandra

    I have to admit, this paint scheme makes the bike look better than what it was in the leaked photo. I think I can live with this. This new design Sugomi or whatever it is called seems to deliberately create the ugly, awkward and things like that. So I guess Kawasaki are doing this deliberately. They must have a reason, something that I don’t know. Maybe the inspiration comes from all those Japanese cartoons and the aesthetics that they use.

  • Keet

    KILL IT… KILL IT WITH FIRE! seriously, this thing is god awful looking. If you want to see how to do it right, look at the new Yamaha FZ-09, that thing is 1000 times better looking than this monstrosity.

  • Dubknot

    Being the otaku that I am, I’ve always liked the Z1000. I feel like KW had Mike Tyson come in and give the 2013 Z a right hook across the top and just squished the whole front end. I looks kinda weird from the side, but hot in the front… They put all the electronics I wanted on the 2013 here… I’m gonna have to check this one out in person for final judgement.

  • dont even think about putting spaghetti garbage on this bike It may not be the prettiet but as always it will eat spaghetti for breakfast lunch AND Dinner

  • Jason

    What’s that new-ish movie with the sea creatures from another dimension and attacking our world? Pacific Rim??? I am seeing this as one of those big, ugly, scary monsters terrorizing and smashing sh*t and I think I like it… Seems pretty evil and bad-ass, almost like it’s got a little bit of ugly in there to make it meaner

    Will have to see it in person to make a final judgement but I think I like it

  • looks good to me ive owned 2 a 2007 and a 2010 this brings kawasaki up to date better in looks than anything i have seen

  • g33k

    I really love the design! It’s freaking awesome! Dynamic and aggressive!