Video: 2014 Honda CRF450 Rally

10/11/2013 @ 3:25 pm, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS


We’re having dirty thoughts here at Asphalt & Rubber, mostly as we drool over HRC’s new Dakar challenger, the 2014 Honda CRF450 Rally. Based off the Honda CRF450X enduro, HRC says that its new Honda CRF450 Rally race bike has an improved engine output, aerodynamic performance, durability, and maintenance requirements. We just think it looks like awesome in two-wheel form.

The Honda CRF450 Rally factory race bike will be the work horse for the Team HRC rally team, as it aims to unseat KTM from its Dakar Rally thrown in a few months. With zie Austrians debuting an all-new KTM 450 Rally race bike of their own, and Yamaha Racing now benefitting from the talents of Cyril Despres, HRC might have its work cutout for it. Until then, we’ll just spend some alone time with this video.

Photos of the 2014 Honda CRF450 Rally Factory Race Bike:

Source: HRC

  • paulus

    flirt with the dirt!… nice to be seeing more of this stuff on the site :)

  • Thomas

    Never thought I would say this about a dirt bike, but that is a sexy dirt bike! Maybe, just maybe a dual sport or ADV bike is in my future…

  • David

    Why does Honda waste their money on these videos.

    We all know Honda is not about to come out with an interesting bike, street or enduro, that would excite the public and, God forbid, increase their motorcycle sales.

    Honda can only come out with boring stuff.

  • PPfeiffer

    unseat KTM from its Dakar Rally thrown in a few months …. edit much?

    THRONE you mean?

  • meatspin

    do you guys see the missing screw/bolt from this picture?

    I hope its bothering you as much as its bothering me.

  • Gildas


    Centering hole for the tube welded on the other side.
    Normally you drop a bead in them and sand them before painting.