2014 Honda CBR650F Coming to America Too

02/04/2014 @ 8:39 pm, by Aakash Desai12 COMMENTS


With the introduction of Honda’s 500cc bikes last year (Honda CBR500R, Honda CB500F, and Honda CB500X), Honda provided newer and experienced riders with a practical and cheap option in an otherwise relatively polarized motorcycle market. While those bikes were sensible choices indeed, they were commonly criticized for their relatively modest power.

So here comes yet another color in the choice spectrum from the Japanese maker: a middleweight faired sport bike, with street-centric aspirations, and a palatable price tag. So if the Honda Interceptor is too rich for your blood, the inline-4 Honda CBR650F might just be the bike for you.

At a base price of $8499, the Honda isn’t the ridiculous value of the similarly priced Yamaha FZ-09. But, what you get with the CBR is Honda engineering and Honda quality. Additionally, the Honda offers optional ABS, a fairing, and 0.8 gallons more of fuel capacity.

What you lose versus the FZ-09 is that bike’s massive torque figures, much lighter weight, and adjustable front and rear suspension (preload and rebound). We would have liked to see at least front and rear rebound damping adjustment on the CBR650F, as well as 43mm USD forks.

Thus, it’s hard to see where the Honda CBR650F fits in. It doesn’t offer the same value propositions on offer by other manufacturers and the overall aesthetic character of the bike lacks distinguishing features that set it apart from the rest of the crowd.

Then again, Honda rarely enters a market without a plan and an agenda and it will be interesting to see how this foray into the middleweight and affordable sports market plays out for them.






Source: American Honda

  • paulus

    This model is Thai built and Asian focused. This is where these bikes sell, to compete with the ER6 family.
    In Asia USD 9,000 is competitive for a 650cc of this quality and specification.
    An imported MT-09 would be almost twice that, after legitimate import duties.

    If a few more can be sold in the rest of the world…. that’s just cream for Honda.

    I have ridden one, the brakes are surprising (good), the engine is powerful but seems to be quite ECU restricted (maybe to differentiate from the original CBR600 donor engine)… and the suspension is adequate, but craves a nice Ohlins RSU (already sold here). Lot’s of accessories already on sale…. I am sure it won’t be long before somebody addresses the ECU issue ;)

  • Sentinel

    Thanks for the info Paulus, this looks like it’s going to be a very nice bike.

  • JoeD

    Another boring bike eh?

  • paulus

    Only boring if you don’t like to ride…. :)

  • Gonzo

    Ditch the ugly, Suzuki-like headlight.

  • CLB

    For that price… there are MANY other choices… easier to ride, faster and cheaper.

    But as with many folks ONLY new will do and so that is why this will sell. For me… I’ll take the FZ09 any day of the week and really enjoy riding… I do like to ride!

  • Looter

    Would it kill Honda’s bottom line to add some sizzle to its chicken teriyaki?

  • Tom

    I appreciate that Honda’s market is incredibly wide and diverse, spanning the entire globe and all ages and riding styles. I’m aware they’re not catering only for the UK/EU and the US. Having said that though, there’s not a single bike of theirs that appeals to me as a rider in his mid-to-late 20’s. Not a single One.

    My interests are – like most Western riders of my age, i’d say – supersports and nakeds. If I wanted a supersport, i’d buy a ZX6R or Daytona. If I wanted a naked, i’d be knocking on Yamaha’s door, or i’d grab a Street Triple. And if I did decide to get a litre bike, i’d settle for almost anything but the new Fireblade. Their entire product line seems totally devoid of any passion, flare or soul. I know, academically, that their bikes are good, great even, technologically speaking. But who wants to be purely academic about motorcycling? Commuters aside, whatever your ride, be it a cruiser, a sports, a naked, whatever, 99.99% of us want something that moves the soul. The only thing of mine that Honda move these days is my arse – straight out of their showroom and over the road into the Kawasaki dealership…..

  • John

    It looks like the replacement for the CBR600F4i.

    A sensible inline 4 600 cc that is more city oriented (daily rider) that track.

    Where I live the F4i are sot after bikes.

  • MikeD

    @Tom & John:


  • Buellbafett

    I’ll take a used, 2nd gen. SV-650S over this any day. Some very minor suspension improvements and the SV is good ta go.

  • Roadrash

    Pipes belong on the side and center stands belong underneath! Just another cookie cutter bike to try and gain some market shares? It will take more than just a nice looking moto to get me in. I am sure as usual it will be Honda good but that is not enough. A bike like this absolutely should have a center stand, decent fuel capacity and an optional rack for hauling crap to work or from the grocery store-or both, sad sad sad.