As expected, BMW Motorrad took the wraps off a completely new motorcycle today at the EICMA show, the BMW S1000R. A streetfighter version of the venerable BMW S1000RR superbike, the S1000R drops an “R” from its name along with roughly 30hp, with the naked bike sporting a 160hp peak figure — primarily due to a redline that is 2,000 rpm less than the S1000RR.

Build the 999cc inline-four motor for low-end and mid-range torque, rather the maximum peak horsepower, BMW says that the S1000R makes 7 lbs•ft more torque than the S1000RR, all the way up to 7,500 rpm.

With a peak torque figure of 83 lbs•ft at 9,250 rpm, the BMW S1000R  is now slouch, though with it tipping the scales at 456 lbs (207kg) — the 2014 BMW S1000R is few pounds heavier than its predecessor.

BMW Motorrad has made sure that the S1000R comes full loaded, with the new model featuring a race ABS, automatic stability control (ASC), and dual-riding modes (Road & Rain), with dynamic traction control (DTC) as an add-on feature.

This latter point might be a detriment to BMW Motorrad, considering that traction control is rapidly becoming a standard feature in the two-wheeled world, and a must-have in the sport-naked segment.

Also available as an option is BMW dynamic damping control (DDC), which is fancy wording for a semi-active suspension system. Debuting for BMW Motorrad on the BMW HP4, the BMW S1000R is the first motorcycle in its segment to offer the new suspension technology.

The 2014 BMW S1000R is available in non-metallic Racing Red, metallic Frozen Dark Blue, and non-metallic Light White liveries, and will be available in March/April 2014. No word on pricing just yet.






















Source: BMW Motorrad

  • Jake F.

    Cut 30hp and add more weight. Sounds like a recipe for success!

  • Rods

    Ugly. Just that.

  • smiler

    Now that BMW has pulled the plug on WSBK. The streetfighteeerrrr seems to be a S1000RR with less plastic and a few less horses.
    Going to be less and less cutting edge.

  • Frito

    Kudos to BMW using “sceince” to make the perfect bike in regards to aero dynamics and other motorcyle sceince things. The regular guy/girl doesnt care that the hideous head on this bike spreads wind evenly when riding or that the grills bend the light spectrum and teleport you forward. Sacrifice some sceince for style man. Looks, power, reliable is what the average Joe/Jane takes into consideration when choosing his/her next bike.

  • Seth

    First street fighter I’ve ever seen with cruise control.
    I love that bmw puts all the bells and whistles on all their bikes.

  • FranktheTank

    Aaahhhhhhhhhhh sky net is real. The terminaters are coming for us!!!!!!!!

  • Matthew

    If you put a red light bulb in that projector beam, it would look like the cyborg from Terminator.

  • Matthew

    Jesus H Christ, Frank.

    We must be thinking along the same lines.

  • Starmag

    Silly me, I thought on a “naked” the idea was to actually be able to see the engine. You know, MOTORcycle. As to the headlight stylists on this and other new bikes, yes they are distinctive, you can put the c pipe down now.

  • Damo

    Why is it heavier?

    It looks better than the test mule, but still not my taste. I am sure on the road it is amazing, though.

  • AC

    BMW Motorrad: Incredibly good bikes made unnecessary ugly.

  • Damo


    Exactly! You know this bike will be amazing, but damn. It should look much better.

  • Ron

    BMW ,you need some Italian design help …really now…

  • Mariani


    I don’t like the use of plastic on this either.

    I keep waiting those bikes to be more like a CB1100.

  • Andrei M

    Hmm, I thought it would take some doing to design something uglier than a new Z1000… “Not so” said BMW Motorrad…

  • Craig

    WOW… not to positive are we here? These high horsepower bikes with all of their electronics require large radiators and other ugly stuff to please the posing masses. If they build an air-cooled S1000 with low HP and no electronics, they could easily do away with some of the plastic (air flow) and other things. but a little plastic flows the air, hides the electronics / wiring and everything else required to purrrrr.

    But I for one feel it copies the Aprilia Tuono in a big way from the side and that isn’t bad. I don’t mind the styling and I think 160 HP is plenty… heck my 675R is plenty 98% of the time….

    Not the best stylist for sure at BMW… but I think they do know how to be UNIQUE. :)

  • Timon

    Oh man… they should really stop Karl Dall from designing their bikes!
    On the other hand, it’s not easy creating headlights as ugly as that, so I guess I should give some credit to BMW.

    Picture of Karl Dall, in case you’re not German:

  • Gutterslob

    Put him and the bike together and you wouldn’t be able to tell em apart.
    Quite the narcissist, this Dall chap.

  • Tom

    This BMW asymmetry look bores me. I wish they would either us a single headlight or make the dual headlights the exact same. I wonder why they don’t design their cars like this? oh yeah, because it’s silly….sigh

  • Sentinel

    Has BMW addressed the issue that some owners have had with these Engines/Transmissions “hand-grenading” yet?

  • Mariani


    Wouldn’t it be great if Beemer did an air cooled naked with honest, elegant styling and an emphasis on heritage/riding pleasure rather than numbers?


    Nailed it.
    The Ninet is just so much more bike.

  • jet

    Yuck,They forgot to finish the front end.The look’s take’s them back right when they were doing good imo…

  • el Russ

    Aprilia called – they want their Tuono back.

  • paulus

    Why does this look like the sport bikes slightly drooling, fatter, slower 1/2 brother?

    Assymetrical design…my arse, both bikes just look like they had strokes (not the engine kind).

  • lucas

    Looks cool in red in My opinion , much better than new z1000 .

  • John B

    I keep reminding myself that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the asymmetrical headlight has all the style of a war wound. That said, a rider rarely sees his bike from the front while riding and I imagine the s1000r provides an exhilarating yet composed ride. I would say, however, that motorcycles like women lose appeal when they become too refined. It seems a little edginess adds to the excitement. Overall, I’m a little disappointed in the s1000r, but a short test ride would likely relieve that ailment.

  • MikeD

    GASP ! It looks 10 times better than that Queen of FUGLY INSECT HEAD Tuono (even if she has better electronics and/or more standard options than BMW).

    And that right there makes it an instant winner with me. It never crossed my mind that the BMW would look better. (O_O)’

    Perhaps even better looking than the more symetrical Z1000 ? (DOUBLE GASP !).

    Jake F. says: “””Cut 30hp and add more weight. Sounds like a recipe for success!”””

    +1. What were they thinking, not so much about the power chop but the additional poundage is just WRONG.
    Is a frigging naked for crying out loud.
    It should be lighter by default !

  • MikeD

    P.S: I see they were mocking KTM with the picture in front of the Hangar’s doors.

    Too bad BMW . . . The JOKE IS ON YOU and your short-changed motorcycle.

    There shall only be one Beast and that’s the 1290 SD.

  • Matt

    I’m going to have to be the devils advocate here, because I love it. Yeah it’s got some extra plastic, but so does the Tuono, and that’s one badass bike. I think people will change their minds once the bike comes out.