2014 Benelli BN600GT – Entry-Level Sport Touring

11/03/2013 @ 1:35 am, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS


Benelli has a couple new models waiting for us at EICMA this year, and first up is the 2014 Benelli BN600GT. Based on the Benelli BN600 that debuted last year (which the company is now confusingly calling the Benelli BN600R since it added Brembo Brakes, Marzocchi forks, and Sachs rear shock to the machine), the Benelli BN600GT is a more touring-friendly approach, with the same 80hp inline-four engine.

Like the BN600R, the BN600GT uses chassis that is comprised of a steel trellis frame mated to an aluminum alloy casting. Forks are 50mm, wheels are 17″ with a 180 in the rear, while brakes are 320mm / 260mm (front/back) and radially mounted.

At 490 lbs dry, we admit it is hard to get excited over the relatively bland Benelli BN600GT, though we think touring fans will likely lose the plot with the bike’s 27 liter (7.13 gallon) tank.

All-in-all, a pretty basic sport-touring option that has been built with newer riders in mind, says Benelli. The company also says that the 2014 Benelli BN600GT will “available starting by mid-2014 at a really competitive price.” Don’t expect to see the machine in the USA anytime soon though.

Source: Benelli

  • dream bikes

    By driving position, handlebar height, height and design of the headlight and fairing, it seems more of a dual purpose bike that GT…

  • Bern

    Why do I feel like I’m looking at a bloated Versys?

  • I’m getting the Versys vibe too. Athough this to me at least looking at it side on isn’t a bad looking bike. Please note that I think the Versys isn’t bad looking either… so I’m weird that way.

    I feel very sorry for Benelli at the moment. Ever since the Qianjiang takeover they’ve been all over the place, I’m not saying that the Italians did a better job managing the marque, but at least they had two things going for them: beautiful and interesting motorcycles, although fragile and unreliable. I still crave a Tornado or a TNT from that period, I’ll be more than satisfied to put one in the middle of the office as an expensive sculpture and not care about reliability. Now, I can’t see why would anybody buy any of the models from the current range.

    And what’s up with the green ? Why don’t they offer green/silver bikes ?

  • Anvil

    Boy, this think could have and should have been much better looking. There’s no real reason even a basic motorcycle can’t be attractive.

    But looks aren’t everything, for sure. Unfortunately they’ve built a tourer with a peak of 38 pounds-feet of torque. I hope that’s one very flat curve at least.

    I can’t help but think the Chinese have too much influence on product at Benelli. There are signs that some Chinese manufacturers are begining to get it. I’m not sure I see enough of it in this bike, though.

    Kostadin, I’m with you.

  • donno

    Well it does look very much like a bloated Versys, and i’m pretty sure that is the bike that they aimed for. And the fuel tank, 27 liters? wow that is huge for a mid-sized bike. In south east asia the TNT600 (which is similar to the BN600) is selling for less than an ER6, and if this bike can be sold cheaper than the Versys, i think it will sell like hotcakes. Currently one of the biggest selling mid size bikes in south east asia is the Versys.

  • jet

    Yuck.I ride for sport-touring an 07-Ducati ST3-S guess i’m spoiled.The “B” rear shock looks cheap and not enough HP for me.

  • MikeD

    Versys was the first thing that popped in my head.
    Maybe that’s not a bad thing, maybe this will do great for it’s intended use and target rider(s).
    I think is alright, not desirable but still ride-able. I wouldn’t mind being caught on it, lol.
    You can definitively see some of “The New Owners” influence here and there but overall an ok-ish product.
    I hope said influence don’t get carried over to their big bikes.

  • Can’t wait to see more images, please give us more review…