After a tumultuous bankruptcy, Moto Morini is alive an kicking in 2013, albeit with a very familiar model lineup. Touching some new paint to its models, and adding some “human components” accessory pieces, Moto Morini has created three special offerings so far for the new year.

Calling its new pieces the 2013 Moto Morini Scrambler 1200 Military Green, 2013 Moto Morini Scrambler 1200 White Queen, and 2013 Moto Morini Granpasso 1200 Travel Yellow, Moto Morini is obviously trying to move some bikes and clear out its inventory with some factory specials.

While you will either love or hate what Moto Morini has going on with the aesthetics of its Scrambler and Granpasso bikes, the bevy of free gear (both for the bike and the rider), along with the new lower price points (€12,500 for the Granpasso and €10,900 for the Scramblers), are two points that are certainly going to be attractive to would-be owners.

Will the fresh paint and low prices help get Moto Morini back in black? Only time will tell. However, leave a note in the comments if you think the Italian brand should bring its wares across the pond.




Source: Moto Morini

  • The Scrambler is kinda funky in a good way, but I’d rather see it done up as a naked street bike than as a scrambler. Put street rubber on it, remove the wonky dirt bits and it has some appeal.

  • Jeram

    @Trane Francks

    if they did that what they would be left with is a Vtwin Triumph speed triple lookalike.

    Not a good thing for a small botique brand, they need to stand out from the crowd.

  • Maybe, Jeram. I just think the Scrambler offers an answer to questions that North American riders just don’t have. :)

  • Jaybond

    What Moto Morini really need is a full fledge sportbike model – perhaps starting with a V-Twin 750cc Supersport bike.

  • Damo

    That Scrambler in green with the brown bags is poster worthy!

    As an American, I would love to own one of these as a second bike. I would be tempted to run it down some fire roads, but the prospect of sourcing parts for it makes me cringe.

    Beautiful bike though, just gorgeous in a minimalistic way.

  • John

    Unfortunately, these bikes are too pricey for the American market right now. What’s more, while cool, they would be of limited appeal meaning that dealer support would be very limited in this country.

  • Max

    From a business perspective, it would be a terrible idea for MM to come here while they are on such shaky footing back home. But despite all that, I would LOVE to ride the Corsaro Veloce. I have been obsessed with that bike for so long… will definitely try and find one for rent next time I’m in Italy.


  • Jon

    As with Max, I think Morini are missing out by not putting more focus on the Corsaro line. It’s known throughout the press (the only people who seem to ride them) as one of the maddest, baddest streetbikes ever created with an absolutely insane monster of an engine. A Speed Triple for those who’ve a few less marbles.

  • Johndo

    The military green Scrambler is freakin sexy, and i’d buy one if there was a good dealer network in Canada and that I wasn’t worried of the company closing.

  • mark

    If Moto Marini brought these bikes to the US with good prices, I would be sorely tempted to pick up that green Scrambler. Drool.

  • Hayabrusa

    I would LOVE to see Moto Morini export their bikes to the US. I’m not a huge fan of the yellow pain, but I would love to have a GranPasso! The world needs more Italian bikes (doesn’t it?)!

  • I have one of these in Black and it’s just brilliant. Engine packs plenty of power and the bike is super comfy and so cool. People just stare at it everywhere we go. Mine has road tyres which it came with which will be swapped for some on/off rubber when the time comes. Only 5 of these in the UK. Spares have been easy to get and the bike overall is fairly simple to work with. I can’t recommend this enough. What a thrilling bike. Sold my Ducati 600SS (which I miss) to get the Morini. Would I offroad this bike? Non! I have a Yamaha TTR250 for that. Would I go long distance? Oh yes…Off to Scotland this summer from London.