The following news from KTM USA today might shock you, but the KTM 690 Duke is headed to America’s favorite democracy in 2013. That’s right, the previously available everywhere but here model is coming to North America (both the US and Canada), much to the surprise of A&R…and just about everyone else. KTM isn’t talking dollars yet, though it says that the KTM 690 Duke will be competitively priced in its North American markets.

Assuming the US model is the same as the European version, we can expect that 90% of the bike is completely brand new from the previous iteration of the 690. Accordingly, at the heart of the 2013 KTM 690 Duke is a 690cc LC4 single-cylinder thumper that puts out a crushing 67hp and 51 lbs•ft of torque, while the whole motorcycle package weighs only 330 lbs (without fuel) at the curb.

Further refining the LC4 single-cylidner motor, KTM has created a new cylinder head, and added a dual-ignition system & ride-by-wire throttle for the 690 Duke. Anti-lock brakes have also been added to the 2012 KTM 690 Duke, as the Austrian company has tapped Bosch to use the Bosch 9M+ ABS package.

Lastly, braking power comes from a Brembo radially-mounted caliper with a single 320mm brake disc, while suspension is handle by KTM subsidiary WP, and consists of fully-adjustable 43mm front forks, and a fully-adjustable rear shock.

At this moment, it doesn’t look like the recently unveiled KTM 690 Duke R is headed our way. One miracle at a time people.

Photos the 2012 European-Spec KTM 690 Duke:

Source: KTM USA

  • kick ass KTM. bring it on!

  • David

    If only I didn’t just buy an S1000RR, well there’s always the “wife’s” bike… Well see.

  • “That’s right, the previously only in Europe model is coming to North America”

    The 690 (and the rest of the Duke range) has been available in Japan. Saw a 690 the other day, in fact, at the local Ducati shop. It had an Akrapovic can on it and looked pretty gnarly. Bet it’s a fun scoot!

  • Alex

    Shit, just when I thought I wanted a 390 Duke.

  • mxs

    Pleasantly shocked.

  • mxs

    Price is next … the last time they sold it here (Canada) the price just didn’t make sense, hence the flop.

  • Mikeg81


  • sburns2421

    Ugly as sin and probably going to be overpriced for what it is.

    They will probably sell a handful nationwide and regret ever wasting their time bringing it here.

    Americans want the biggest and fastest they can afford, or a cheap small bike if starting out, or something that looks cool. This thing is none of those.

  • MikeD

    AWESOME, WAY TO GO KTM. While im NOT a single cylinder “lover” i would gladly own one of these (if i had the $$$ + parking space) . I bet the MSRP is going to be a bit on the side of ridiculous it being a KTM.

    One heck of a hooligan’s ride and an urban/city dicing commuter.
    All that been said…im really happy for the folks that were drooling all over this one but couldn’t buy one…till now…To them, here’s your Holyday’s present. Enjoy. LOL.

    As for the (subjective) looks comments:

    (Flame Proof Suit ON). I happen to think it is one of the cleanest, most uncluttered looking designs you can buy out there, togheter with the 1190 machines (im a fan of the funky Origami styling)…(Drooling).

  • meatspin

    i hope they price it around $7500

  • Tony

    I wish I could figure out how to make your pictures actually fit my screen. They’re always waaaay bigger and it won’t scroll from left to right, only up and down.

  • Working on that…

    In the meantime, right click “open image in new window/tab,” or something like that.

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  • justadude

    @MikeD I agree, I think the bike looks great and I am also a fan of the 1190. Too bad there’s no dealerships in my neck of the woods.

  • Tony

    I’m an idiot. I don’t know why I never thought about that. Besides that, I’d love to have one of these.

  • Trevor

    I’ve got one already, it’s called an aprilia Shiver.

  • BBQdog

    Congratulations to all riders over there :-)

  • Brian

    SOOOO happy to hear this! I had a 690SM before and it’s still the only bike I regret selling. Once we ‘Mericans realize that 180+hp superbikes are terrible on the road and these light, torquey, playful bikes are far more fun and comfortable we’ll all be better off.
    Gonna start saving my pennies now cause I imagine this will cost around 10.5-11k.

  • jackie

    It looked really nice in the flesh. MSRP was $8,999.00.

  • Damo

    $8,999.oo is waaaaaay too much for what you get. I hope that isn’t what it ends up being. I think $7500 would be a sweat spot for it.

    The Street Triple is only $8,899.00 and does everything arguably better and has much better service intervals.

    A shame too, because this is such a cool little bike.

  • MikeD


    Although i must say that comparing the Trumpet to this SUMO is a bit like the rethorical saying “apples to oranges”…even tho their displacement bracket seems to be pretty even all else is so different from one to the other.

    I think is a great bike but not a $9K bike…if Jackie happens to be on the money.

  • 2013 Triumph Street Triple MSRP: $9,399

    That’s a $500 increase over the 2012 model.

  • mxs

    I sat on it yesterday. It feels unbelievably light. the swingarm looks interesting and it actually does have a seat you could use for hours without complaining.

    In Canada …. MSRP 10K, for that you get NON adjustable suspension fron and rear, ABS with radial brembo front brake. The bike did have a sticky note on it saying Euro spec, so whatever that means.

    Considering that they used to sell the last Duke 690 here for 11.5, the new price is probably just the result of savings for the suspension. Bike is fully manufactured and built in Austria, so no saving from the Baja operations in India on this bike.

    I am asking myself is this better for me than 2013 Trumph STR which comes at the same price of 10K. For 11K, Triumph offers fully decked out R …… In my opinion it will be difficult for KTM again, because the bike is 1K too expensive. It’s more one dimensional than STR (meaning any longer trips are out of question), STR will do it all.

    It will be a perfect second bike for people who can afford it and live with KTM parts support.

  • jackie

    Sadly, $8,999.00 was what they printed in their little brochures, passed out at the Long Beach cycle show.

    It looked to be built the business, but it was bolted down to KTM’s stand, so you couldn’t really sit on it to see if it felt right.

    Best I can say, it looked better in the flesh than any picture I’ve seen. I bet it’ll sell a few.

    Me, I want to see the “R” version, but we wont, or plunk a fairing on it and make my day…which I hope they might.

  • Paul McMenamin

    Bolted to stand or not, at Long Beach I sat on it. I’m 6’1″, 200 lbs and it felt excellent — not cramped. Noticeably less forward pitch than a Ducati Monster, and more leg room. Bar height seemed just about right — slightly more aggressive than a Dual-sport but very little load on wrists compared to a monster. KTM got the seat right — not too small, not too big. Not too soft, not too hard. Holds you in place but doesn’t pitch you forward into tank. The seat is good — much more comfortable than stock seat on my VFR800 with a better cover fabric.

    Overall I liked the bike — a lot. I think, for almost any street riding other than extended cruising, this would be a great bike to own. Extremely high quality paint, metal finish and casting quality. If I could afford $9K I’d be all over this. Is that a lot? Consider what a custom from Mule Motors would cost ($15K), and that’s probably the only thing this light with this quality of suspension with a “normal” riding position. But with our declining $US Dollar, I think the guys who want this kind of machine will opt for a used DRZ 400 SuperMoto instead for way under $4000.00.

    Still, I’m glad KTM built this and I hope other manufacturers take notice. This thing looks like it could deliver serious fun. IMHO they shouldn’t call it the KTM “Duke”. Call it the KTM Canyon. I think this is near-perfect in the role of solo canyon carver. It is, without question, one of the best looking street bikes KTM has ever made.

  • Damo


    The US dollar maybe still be dropping against the pound, but it has been rapidly gaining on the Euro and is just about dead even and slightly edging out the CDN dollar.

    I agree that the bike is brilliant. Same power output as a last generation SV650, but weighs a ton less. This would be an amazing all around machine. Hell I would have one as I am just starting to get sick of riding full race liter bikes on the streets these days.

    The only issue for me is KTM has a great dealer network up here in New England….if you are a dirt rider. Most KTM dealers up here flat out refuse to carry and/or order a street model for you. The ones that do have very dodgy service capability as they are not used to wrenching on RC*’s and Super Dukes.

    I would love to have a 390 of a 690, but I doubt I will ever see one up here.

  • TheOtherMikeD

    According to Motorcycle Daily: “The U.S. MSRP of the 2013 KTM 690 Duke is $8,999”

  • TheOtherMikeD

    Opps, didn’t see the price listed in the comments already.

  • Howard

    STOKED!!! After my tricked KTM 690SM was stolen in August I wanted this bike but it wasnt available. I was almost ready to buy a Ducati 848 Street Fighter. After sitting on the Street Fighter it was very uncomfortable by comparison. I will be getting the new Duke! That 690SM was a pure blast to ride. So fun, quick, light, and flickable. I will be happy to get back on one.


    Where do I send the check?

  • Howard

    For comparison I got the KTM 690SM for $8,500 out the door in 2007.

  • Damo

    I guess being that this is only $200 more than a Ducati Monster 696 isn’t too bad.

  • Oh, yum. According to CMG, the beast will go to Canada, too!

  • MikeD

    Damo says:
    “I guess being that this is only $200 more than a Ducati Monster 696 isn’t too bad.”


  • According to CMG who says according to us? Someone didn’t read the whole article. Busted!

  • @Jensen: “According to CMG who says according to us? Someone didn’t read the whole article. Busted!”

    You know it’s been one of those weeks when you read both sites and miss one’s reference to Canada and the other’s reference to the other site. ROTFL!

  • jackie

    Came across this site while looking for more info…some nice photos

  • Rusty

    Take my money KTM!

    I just want to do terrible terrible things on this bike.

  • On Dukes in general, I’m starting to really like what I see. I passed a KTM shop the other day and a 125 Duke was out front. It was the first time I can recall ever looking at such a displacement bike and thinking, “WANT!” It totally looked the business!

  • Michael

    You can only ask for a quote, KTM is not giving it up for cheap and in that we will never get access to them for cheap, they could send droves of the new 390 and 200 over here for really cheap but they will not.