First Official Shots of the 2013 Honda CBR500

11/11/2012 @ 4:53 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS

We are still a few days away from the official unveiling of Honda’s 500cc line-up, which will include the 2013 Honda CBR500, 2013 Honda CB500R, and 2013 Honda CB500X motorcycles. Based around a 469cc parallel-twin motor, Honda’s new mid-range bikes are for the budget-oriented rider, and produced a modest 54 hp in their non-restricted state for tiered-licensed countries (47hp in restricted form).

Expected to be the big new thing from Honda at EICMA, we have seen quite a bit already on the Honda CBR500 and its siblings ahead of their debut at the trade show in Milan, Italy. The Honda CBR500 is the logical progression of the Honda CBR250R, which is a budget-focused single-cylinder sport bike that’s available worldwide, including the US.

We’ll have to wait and see which of the 500cc machines American Honda brings to the USA, but the CBR500 is heavily expected to come to both the American and Canadian markets. Time will tell as to whether the Honda CB500R (not likely) and Honda CB500X (more likely) come to North America as well. Photos after the jump.

This is another story that has been broken by Asphalt & Rubber. Be sure to follow the rest of our EICMA news for the most comprehensive coverage from Milan.

Source: Honda500Thai

  • Afletra

    Really, nowadays bike’s displacement is confuse me a lot; 300? 500? Hah!

  • Tedd Riggs

    Nice looking bike, should be a good seller !

  • Bill

    Be interesting to see the pricing and how it matches up with Kawasaki’s 300. With 50+hp and a smaller displacement with all the technology stuffed in the 300 the CBR 500 may be DOA.

  • Gonzo

    As the owner of two mid-70’s CB750’s, and a BMW S1000RR, I would have to say I would buy a CBR500 in a heartbeat! An old girlfriend had a VFR500Interceptor, and that was a hoot to throw around! And if it comes out of Southeast Asia like the 250, then parts are going to be dirt-cheap! so, no worries about throwing it down on the street. A small bike like that is excellent for street thrashing and learning things like how to slide the rear.

  • BBQdog

    Not for me. Gonna sell my CBR 250 R and buy me a KTM 390.

  • duncan d

    This is one UGLY LOOKING BIKE…… come on was expecting much more ….its as if they just pushed out a crapy design for the quick sell….the exhaust is so DATED …to be honest the HYOSUNG gt250r looks better than this.and the seating position looks like a sports tourer ,I LOVE HONDA because they make reliable products BUT COME ON …..MAKE SOMETHING GOOD LOOKING …..HONDA did not put any effort in the designing of this machine

  • Afletra

    @duncan d

  • JoeD

    Cookie Cutter Syndrome. Two years of flat sales and it’s a goner. The only thing selling locally are the Foutrax, Goldwing and Generator lines. Sad but that’s what happens when everybody makes one like the competition. Now, if some one has a black and orange RC8 for sale…..

  • RobertB

    Like JoeD says I think two years of flat sales and it’s gone is correct. And I totally agree on the KTM, would have bought one but there are no KTM dealers near me! Honda is bad at not introducing “new” things to the marketplace