With the rumors of the liquid-cooled 2013 Ducati Hypermotard, there was also talk of a midrange Multistrada model at EICMA as well. This rumor then morphed into three distinct Hypermotard models, with one model set on the task of bringing touring to the maxi-motard line. In essence though, what we have is a cross between the Ducati Hypermotard and a Ducati Multistrada 1200 — Bologna just calls it the 2013 Ducati Hyperstrada.

On the outside, the Ducati Hyperstrada is a Hypermotard with revised suspension and a few more goodies to aid in those long-distance trips. However, on its inside, the Hyperstrada really wants to be the Multistrada 1200’s smaller counterpart.

Putting things in motion is the same 110hp 821cc Testastretta 11° DS v-twin engine, and the Hyperstrada features the Ducati Safety Package as well (ABS & traction control). Making this Hyper a Strada though is 50 liters of quick-detaching side luggage, an optional 31 liter top case, center stand, taller handlebars (20mm), a touring screen, and a wider/thicker touring seat.

Other more subtle changes include 43mm Kayaba USD forks with 5.9″ of travel, which is .8″ less than the Hypermotard, though both machines use the same Sachs rear shock that has rebound and preload adjustments only. Add in two auxiliary 12v power outlets for charging sat navs and heated vests, and you have a 449.7 lbs motorcycle when at the curb. Available in either Ducati Red or Arctic White, the  2013 Ducati Hyperstrada will cost $13,295 in the US.

A compromise to having a midrange Hyper and midrange Multi, the Ducati Hyperstrada will attempt to straddle both sides of the Ducati camp with its offering. Did Bologna’s balancing act payoff? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: Ducati

  • Jobie

    I want one now!! This is the bike I have been waiting for. Great all around bike, I can even live with the new beak. The exaust doesnt look like it came off a battleship either. Great work DUCATI.

  • Jerry

    Its about time!!

    To bad the Hyper comes with 50mm Marzocchi forks and an Öhlins rear shock in the S model and the Hyperstrada doesn’t

  • Looks like the Honda CB500X and the Gladius had an ugly child together. So not appealing.

  • Johan Schoofs

    I think it looks very weird!

  • gophersassasin

    they had to put something out there to compete with the Triumph Tiger.

  • KTM 990 SMT…4 years ago :-)

  • Lee

    Looks a lot like the KTM 990 SMT.

  • AC

    Not great looking but neither is the Multi. This looks to be exactly what I need for commuting and long-distance touring with the GF. Price range is perfect, too!

  • Hunter

    @AC – Price range is perfect?

    Brother, can you spare a dime then? I make $60k/year and i still wouldn’t call that affordable…

  • akatsuki

    They need a Hyperstrada S model with all the goodies of the MTS 1200.

  • The front end has a certain angry-chicken look about it. Not that would necessarily be a bad thing … assuming you like the look of angry chickens.

  • Sam Adams

    I love it. Lightweight sporty fun with real touring ability. Ticks all the boxes that my Buell CityX falls short on. (600 mile days require physiotherapy)

  • Ganny

    I feel Ducati missed out on the opportunity to bring out a truly rugged all terrain bike in the form of 2013 hypermotard and hyperstrada, with off road tyres and all. In fact the new hypermotard lineup seems to have gone softer still than its predecessor.

  • Rmcobb

    God, I love this thing. Take the bags off and you have a machine truly capable track machine. Yeah, the new 1200 has some extra goodies, but its $8K grand more……I’m drooling!

  • Chileansurg

    This is definitely the bike the Crossrunner should have been: +/- 800cc, abs, traction control, etc. Looks are not the best but the whole package is pretty appealing!

  • Chiara

    Tour-tard? I’m interested, and will probably book a test ride when they start showing up.

  • John Kelly

    There will never ever be a single bike that suits everyone…But for me to replace my Uly….This is the “ONE”.

  • Aks

    Nice bike, but it will be haunted by the “semi-rigid” bags and the total lack of the after-market bags for it. Common these zippers on the bags will break in a year, one low speed fall and you will wear a hole through it. Are they even waterproof ?
    Why don’t they just put the Givi mono-key adapters on the bike and be done with it…

  • Capt Prospect

    Does anyone know when they’re actually likely to arrive – specifically into Canada actually?

    A swift tyre change and it looks like it could comfortably handle fire or gravel roads, the clearance is easily enough. I’ve struggled knowing which direction to buy in – on the one hand I like the idea of a fun bike to blast around on for the day (hypermotard); on the other I want a tourer/adventure bike I can use for weekends away (BMW GS, although I’ve nothing more hairy than gravel roads in mind).

    This looks like it could cover both bases.

  • John

    I want one now. I love it.

  • Gene

    Shame it is so tall, 33.5 inches for the strada version is too tall for many os us. At 5’9″ and 30″ inseam I fit the profile of an average american male and many other countries for that matter. I just do not undersatnd why it has to be that tall, none of my current Ducatis are that tall including my 04′ ST3 which I guess I’ll be keeping.

  • Scott

    Perfect. This is the bike I’ve been waiting for. Bags for the weekend, motard for the weekdays. Lightweight (relatively) urban, commuter, and tourer. A one bike solution with better components and fit (and I’d bet handling) than the new crop of economy standards. I want one in red.