2013 BMW F700GS Breaks Cover

07/02/2012 @ 12:08 pm, by Jensen Beeler4 COMMENTS

BMW has updated its 800cc GS line, starting with the new 2013 BMW F700GS. An adventure bike with the road more in mind, BMW is differentiating the 2012 BMW F700GS from the 2103 BMW F800GS by using lower-spec suspension, cast wheels, a 19″ front wheel, lower seat height, and lower horsepower output.

Using the same 798cc four-valve parallel-twin liquid-coooled motor, the BMW F700GS gets a modest power increase over the BMW F650GS it is replacing, as peak power has been pushed to 75hp, up from the 71hp the F650GS made. Peak torque has also been boosted to 56.8 lbs•ft, while the curb weight is 209 kg (460 lbs).

Like all 2013 models, the 2012 BMW F700GS comes standard with anti-locking brakes (ABS), which will now operate on a dual-brake disc setup on the front wheel. Optional items include BMW’s Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA) and Automatic Stability Control (ASC). Other revisions to the F-line GS bikes included a refined control cluster on the handlebars, revised dash, and a bevy of bodywork changes.

No word on pricing yet, though expect the BMW F700GS to be priced near the F650GS it replaces. A modest update to its entry-level adventure bike, BMW doesn’t seem to keen to rock the boat on its market-leading position with this revision to the GS-line.

The Main Technical Differences Between the BMW F700GS & BMW F800GS: 

BMW F 800 GS    BMW F 700 GS
63 kW/85 hp 55 kW/75 hp
USD telescopic fork Conventional telescopic fork
Progressive damping spring strut Gas pressure spring strut
Spoke wheels Cast wheels
21-inch front wheel 19-inch front wheel
Aluminium handlebar Steel handlebar
880/850 mm seat height 820/790 mm seat height
Weight, road ready, 214 kg Weight, road ready, 209 kg

Source: BMW

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  • HMH

    Seems like another confusing move from BMW Motorad. The GS public is very confused and wonders out loud to this day why BMW had to confuse everyone with the GS naming convention.

    This bike is no 700cc any more than it was a 650cc earlier. It is a 800. So why not do to the entire GS line what BMW did to the 1200GS line…..have a standard xxxGS and a more off road (suspension/21″ wheel/protection/tank size) version called….wait for it….GS Adventure!?

    Instead of confusing generations of riders, BMW could keep lines for decades w/history.

    F650GS and F650GS Adventure (Dakar/Sertao) or if you HAVE to make it G. Should have left well enough alone though as the F650GS and Dakar were already established and famous.
    F800GS and F800GS Adventure
    R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure

    How hard is it for them to see that.

  • What a stupid model update. That is all.

  • R0bb0mc

    I owned a 2008 F650GS for a few years and is still one the best bikes I have ever owned. The biggest issues with the bike were the seat, single front disc, softer looks compared to 800GS and of course the STUPID model naming.
    I would consider purchasing the 700GS or new 800GS, but knowing that I can only sit for 30 mins on that stupid seat before pain sets in, puts me off. Agree with the others, they should have named the 650\700 the F800GS and the other a F800GS Adventure.
    I don’t think BMW have updated enough to make these Tiger 800\800XC beaters.