2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer Breaks Cover

10/24/2011 @ 8:52 am, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS

Officially breaking cover now, the 2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer continues the British company’s revamping of its adventure-tourer line. Featuring a 1200cc three-cylinder motor, the Tiger Explorer is the bigger brother of the popular mid-sized Tiger 800, which debuted last year after much build-up. Sans a few spy photos and some rumormill, Triumph has taken a decidedly different and more low-key approach in getting buyers excited about the new Tiger, though we think Triumph fans will like what they see.

Unsurprisingly Triumph is keeping most of the details on the Tiger Explorer still under wraps, likely wanting to wait until EICMA to release full the technical specifications, but we do know that the 2012 Triumph Tiger Explorer will be shaft-driven, have ride-by-wire throttle control, and come standard with switchable ABS & traction control. The chassis is made of steel, while the wheels are cast aluminum (19″ up front, 17″ in the back).

We really like what Triumph has done with the Tiger Explorer’s styling, keeping the larger adventure-tourer close enough to the Tiger 800’s aesthetic, while keeping them different enough to make each model unique. Of course, it helps that we’re suckers for a nice single-sided swingarm design, which adds to the premium look and feel that you expect from the British brand. No word yet on pricing or availability, so stay tuned as we get closer to EICMA.

Source: Triumph

  • Michael Entner

    Really nice looking bike BUT…where are the wire wheels. I have an F650GS and I regret not getting the 800 with the spoke wheels :-( Next adventure bike will definitely have them!

  • Shaitan

    I know these might be early “unofficial” shots and things might change a bit — like spoked wheels — but really nice looking. I’ve been pondering a new Adventure Bike and while the 800 is nice, a 1200 would be sweeter. :D

  • Steve

    I love my F800GS, but I like what I see in this new Tiger Explorer. It could possibly lure me away from the GS line if the specs and price are right!

  • Maxx

    Now that a nice looking bike……..could be temped

  • Jake Fox

    Triumph does it again! Beautiful bike. I can’t wait to see some specs.

  • Wire wheels

    Just curious having never ridden this kind of bike, what’s the deal with wire wheels?

  • Dave Bardell

    Nice bike, SS swingarm looks cool, shaft drive is the big plus for touring. But till I see weight and seat height, bigger isn’t always better.. Sold my 07 Tiger and went back to a wee Strom and am happy again.

  • Gary

    Very nice. While many other makers seem to flounder along, Triumph continues to forge ahead.

    On a side note, as one who performs his own maintenance (yes, including tire changes) I’m just not getting the love affair with fussier spoked wheels. Especially given the difficulty in making the argument for unsprung mass on an adventure-tourer or the split in cost of repair for a bent rim. Just saying.

  • Bob

    Gary, the wire wheels are not about unsprung mass. Quite a few wire wheel sets are actually heavier. The need for wire wheels lies in off road ability. Spokes flex, deflect and bend…a necessity for off road abuse. But just because there is flexibility doesn’t mean the whole wheel will bend and stay bent. You would have to bend it beyond the material’s ability to spring back. Spoked wheels work a a system. A cast wheel can fracture or even shatter.

    The big thing for me is I like tubeless spoked wheels like on the big BMW and Yamaha. Easier to plug than de-mount , install a new tube and re-mount, hp[ing you don’t pinch the tube in the process. In fact, carrying spare tubes sucks as well, especially when 2 different sizes are required per bike.

    Spokes are pretty easy to maintain. As long as the nipples are lubed, the spokes can rotate freely as they stretch without twisting. Twisting have less strength and higher stress. Truing is dirt easy too, even on the bike.

  • Gary

    Hmmm, enlightening (and well delivered) perspective. Thanks for the nugget, Bob.

  • MikeD

    Haaa, i see they still insisted on slapping on “the mandatory novelty item” on what basically is an Upright Seating Tourer. I guess it can’t be helped, SIGH…(-_- )
    I would rather have two versions of the same theme similar to the 800 siblings.

    Road bias: 17″ Front and Back Wheels.

    Dirt bias: 21″ Front and 19″ Rear Wheels, SPOKED WHEELS. Not my thing, but for those of u who “need it”. lol.

    Go all out or go home.

    Im really liking this thing, from the colors to the features. I look forward to picking a ligthly used sample in the coming years…for NOT an arm and a leg.

    And now JUST BECAUSE Day Dreaming is a BLISS:

    Where’s that future 190hp DAYTONA 1200 ? Sorry, i can’t be helped. LOL.