When news of the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple hit the interwebs, with its spiffy new headlight and crazy-light aluminum frame, the clock immediately started ticking on when the 1050cc triple’s little sibling, the 675cc Street Triple & Street Triple R would get the same treatment from Triumph.

Hopes for a 2011 update were seemingly dashed when the British company posted the current model Street Triple as its 2011 offering, but rumors persisted that we’d see an updated middleweight naked very soon.

Being released as an early 2012 model, our colleagues in France have seemingly gotten the first official photos of the 2012 Triumph Street Triple & 2012 Triumph Street Triple R, as the bikes were unveiled at a new store on the Avenue de la Grande Armée in Paris.

While the new Triumph Street Triple is a cosmetic upgrade to the British naked line, Triumph has apparently gone out of its way to attend to the details of the new Street Triple, polishing off some of the less refined edges on the bike’s design. The new Street Triples will make 106hp and 50 lbs•ft of torque,

Along with the Speed Triple’s headlights, the Street Triple will also borrow the Street Triple R’s aluminum handlebars. Otherwise we’re having a hard time seeing other changes in these images from the earlier model, besides the noticeably new engine case cover. Shout out anything else you notice in the comments section.

Of note is the new stylized Triumph logo on the tank (same as was seen on the 2011 Triumph Daytona 675R), while color choices will be white, black, and purple for the Street Triple, and red, white, or black with gold wheels for the Street Triple R.

Pricing is reportedly the same in France, which bodes will for us here in the United States, and readers in other countries as well. Availability is apparently immediate, with an April arrival date being quoted, which is instep with other rumors.

Source: Moto.Caradisiac

  • Ian

    I ordered this new one on Friday, in black with the belly pan. Having seen these pictures I can honestly say I’m starting to get a bit giddy now.

  • 190mph

    Is this bike fitted with radial or normal brake calipers? The purple bike being ridden has normal calipers fitted, yet the white bike has radials. But in the profile shots the white bike has normal calipers fitted while the other colours have radials.

  • Matt

    @ 190mph: The R has radial-brakes, the non-R not.

    As far as the bike goes, its just the old one with new headlights and a new logo.

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  • MikeD

    TRIUMPH! The Western Version of Honda!


    I understand not to mess with success, but damn…it’s been a while now for their 675 Fleet…refresh it a bit deeper…will ya ? Specially the Daytona 675. Same thing with the Street Triple CopOut they pulled (last year was it ?). Everyone thought even a new mill was coming…LMAO, instead they squeezed some more that Zombie Dinosaur 1050…IT JUST WON’T DIE, WILL IT ?
    I know the economy is on the toilet and the bike sales sector has been deeply impacted but if u sit idle and don’t refresh u’ll find yourself caught with your pants down when things get suddenly moving again.

  • MikeD

    My bad, with all that ranting i made i forgot to add:

    And Bold New Headlights.

  • MikeD

    And i kept F&^%ing Up…meant to say, Street* Triple CopOut.

  • MikeD

    Speed*…i need some Zzzzz…

  • crackhelmet

    look like Wall E…..great!!

  • patron

    This is what happens when you let Michael Bay redesign your motorcycle. Hideous

  • The new speed is a little bit more than the old one with new headlights… It has totally new frame.
    That 1050 engine is perfect as it is… no new engine needed!

    As far as street triple goes, the new one is indeed an 2007 with the speed face. I would have expected the 800 cc engine in that frame :D

  • MikeD


    Don’t get me wrong, i was just being a Sarcastic Prick…i now about all the new perks on the Speedy, It’s more of a evolution than a revolution…that’s what struck a nerve with me. (^_^ )

    I guess i have to learn to lower my spectations every Fall about Motorcycle Releases on this depression we are living on…on the USA at least.

    Oh, and about that 1050 Dinosaur…TIME takes “care” of EVERYTHING…I know it’ll be gone soon…let’s see for how long it can keep meeting emission standards that get tighter and tighter every year…w/o loosing HP or driveability.

  • SFTripod

    Humm, with the revisions, how will the Speed stack up against the Z ??….