After teasing us with some photos and video of its new Duke, KTM finally unveiled the 2012 KTM 690 Duke at EICMA this morning. With 90% of the bike being completely brand new, KTM says the new 690 Duke brings the Austrian company back to its street-naked roots, with an off-road influence of course. Accordingly, at the heart of the KTM 690 Duke is a 690cc LC4 single-cylinder thumper that puts out a crushing 70hp and 51 lbs•ft of torque, while the whole motorcycle package weighs only 330 lbs (without fuel).

Further refining the LC4 single-cylidner motor, KTM has created a new cylinder head, and added a dual-ignition system & ride-by-wire throttle for the 690 Duke. Anti-lock brakes have also been added to the 2012 KTM 690 Duke, as the Austrian company has tapped Bosch to use the Bosch 9M+ ABS package. Lastly, braking power comes from a Brembo radially-mounted caliper with a single 320mm brake disc, while suspension is handle by KTM subsidiary WP, and consists of fully-adjustable 43mm front forks, and a fully-adjustable rear shock.

KTM is continuing its use of a Chromium-Molybdenum steel trellis frame; while overall, the Austrian company has built the 690 Duke to be more durable on the road and more affordable to own (both in price and maintenance) for consumers. Additionally, the 2012 KTM 690 Duke also comes with a larger fuel tank (3.7 gallons), as well as improved fuel economy. Perhaps the only fatal flaw in the old 690, KTM is now boasting a 10,000km (6,200 mile) service interval, which is better a figure, but not a great one.

In person, the KTM 690 Duke is your typical Kiska-polished hooligan machine that looks like it would be a blast on any favorite back road, or when used as a tool of urban destruction. Kiska has certainly found its stride on designing KTM’s graphics package, and the KTM 690 Duke continues the Austrian company’s edgy feel for the street market. It’s just a damn shame that the 2012 KTM 690 Duke isn’t coming to America, because you know…naked bikes don’t sell in the USA (insert eye roll here).

Source: KTM

  • Jake Fox

    meh. With a hp to weight ratio of .17 (and that’s using dry weight), they can keep it.

  • fazer6

    I love it–I’ve always loved the 690, and most high performance nakeds (and retro standards, etc.)–However, I don’t get the “eye roll”.
    I’m bummed it’s not coming stateside, however, if I wanted I could go buy a brand new 2009 model–Giving pretty good credence to KTM’s assertion that they won’t sell in the US.

  • Rods

    I prefer the old one….

    The exshaust… The head-lights…. They Fuc!@#$ with this one…

  • BikePilot

    Very cool bike and a smart move by KTM making it less like the SMC and more like the Super Duke (unfortunately I’m the odd one who prefers the supermoto-ish old version I think, but I’m a dirt racer at heart so like the ergonomics of the SM-ish Duke).

  • fazer6

    I agree, I really can’t imagine anyone buying this one with ’08s, ’09s, and ’10s still on the floor.

  • Toby

    390 lbs dry ?

    just checked and they say 330 lbs +/- dry…

    no idea why the new Duke looks more SM-ish (to me) when u can finally get the SMC with the R engine, bit confusing

    I”ll wait and stick to my Husaberg SuMo

  • It’s 390 lbs w/o fuel, which is not the same as saying it’s dry (I know, it doesn’t make any sense).

  • Jake Fox

    @Jensen Oil, coolant, and brake fluid add up to 60 lbs? That seems really unlikely, what am I forgetting?

  • “Dry weight” can include things like tires, batteries, and ex-gf’s depending on the OEM. Hmm…I might be wrong about one of those.

  • Hey Jensen! Why are you rolling your eyes? Naked bikes are less than 2% of the USA market for streetbikes–that means less than 8000 units a year. Why would any manufactuer get excited by a market like that?

  • The old curb weight (curb = wet w/ fuel, I believe) was reported as 352 lbs. Did the bike really gain 40lbs?

  • fazer6

    It looks like that can adds 20lbs all by itself

  • RD350

    I owned a 2000 Duke II for several years .. quite simply, it rocked. It was truly the most fun bike I have ever owned .. and I have owned many at age 48.

    I have done 2 KTM track days at mid-Ohio and got to test all of KTMs in their lineup. I enjoyed riding the Duke 690 more than all of their other bikes by a long shot .. including the RC8. The Duke handled great, pulled hard off the corners and was just plain fun and easy to ride fast ..

    I wish they would import the new version into the States.

    Till then, my next bike will be a leftover ’08, ’09 or ’10 Duke 690.

  • jackie

    All the things that will most likely make it a better all-around bike…
    ….also make it look deadly dull.

    It just looks like a brightly painted standard/learner bike, instead of the brutish little thumper of the old.

    Still if their past bikes are any indication, it will go far better than anyone expects, and will still be hoot when you ride it on your fave B-roads.

    I do love the sound of a 70hp thumper.

  • rd350, did you have a chance to ride the other 690s? My fav of the bunch by far was the SMC, followed by the SM, with the Duke bringing up the rear. All ridiculously fun bikes though. I found the Duke surprisingly harsh for a bike with 6″ of travel… nothing a re-spring and revalve couldn’t cure.

    If the new one weighs as much as published above, that’s really disappointing. It loses the essence of what made these big singles great (lightweight), and moves them into territory occupied by bikes with better motors.

  • freako

    can somebody tell me where the hell is the rebound adjustment?? n they say this bike is fully adjustable?? im confused..


  • MikeD

    Somebody slap me and tell me i don’t know what im talking about but it looks like a Bear to do a valve check and adjustment on this little thing.
    That frame looks tight around the valve cover and the area around it cluttered with all kind of things.

    6,200 miles valve checks ? YUP not fun but i guess It comes with the territory. Suck it up or look somewhere else. lol.

    A shame they put that ugly muffler on the side, the full under-belly setup was way cleaner and better for mass centralization.

    So much rake on the fork… WTH ? a my missing something here ?

    390lbs Dry Weigth ? WTH KTM ?!

    Other than that the bike looks Tits(i like KTM’s Origami style), it most be a riot to ride and i feel sorry for those of u who wanted it.

  • RD350

    Last years bike was supposedly 327.4 lbs .. the 2012 bike is supposed to be lighter and more powerful.

    The weight (390lbs w/o fuel) mentioned in this article cannot be right.

    A&R please correct this ..

  • Jensen (and others),

    the weight ready to race is 150kg or 330lbs, not 390lbs! That is everything excluding petrol/fuel.

    it’s got 68hp here in Belgium.

    I am yearning for years now to have a go on one (a 690), i think they totally rock. Fantastic heandling, more than enough power, good looks, reliable, and very light on petrol. I suspect that they are more fun than a 990SM, and that is saying a lot.

    This new one is a bit mainstream though, i think i’d rather go for the improved 690 SMC-R (yes, with the same 690cc 68hp motor from 2012!)

  • Man, I thought I checked that weight figure at least three time…149,5kg = 329.6 lbs. My bad guys.

  • MikeD

    @ Wreckah:

    Ok, now that’s more like it. LOL.

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  • mxs

    Hey Jensen! Why are you rolling your eyes? Naked bikes are less than 2% of the USA market for streetbikes–that means less than 8000 units a year. Why would any manufactuer get excited by a market like that?

    Because the cool bikes like Duke are either not sold here anymore, or when they are it’s impossible to get them. It’s a vicious circle. Needless to say that there’s tons of bikes we don’t get here. Why? No clue, but you cannot be surprised it’s at 2% (if it’s true ). Not every potential buyer is looking for heavy pig with tons of power. Light, less powerful with much better handling is great as well. If the segment got a fair chance I am sure the sales figures would more reflective of that. Just looking here at AAR what bikes get most comments/reactions, it’s always the smaller cc bikes or Ducati. There has to be a reason why people want to discuss these bikes opposed to VFR1200 or 1200GS. Seriously there’s life under 1000cc and 400 lbs, trust me. And it’s fun too.

  • I roll my eyes because I don’t see it as a market issue, I see it as a product/marketing issue.

  • BBQdog

    Would love to have a SuperMono on this base. Know some KTM employees developped a track version already. LC8 fairing.

  • allan “albi” davidson

    not bad at all !!!! but will it be overpriced as always ?????here in australia???