Are You the 2012 Kawasaki ZX-14 / ZZR1400?

09/06/2011 @ 8:50 am, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

The internet has been abuzz lately with leaked/early/spy photos, some real, and some not so much. Looking a bit like the genuine article, we get another alleged glimpse at a soon to be released motorcycle before its public unveiling. While Kawasaki has been busy teasing the interwebs with videos that feature a nice exhaust note, a flash of green light, and the date: 10/10/2011,  it looks like Asian motorcycle magazine Young Machine has released its issue featuring the 2012 Kawasaki ZX-14 (that’s the 2012 Kawasaki ZZR1400 for our friends in other markets) a tad early.

In what looks to be the first photos of the new Kawasaki ZX-14, we also get a look at some of the basic features that the new hypersport will boast in 2012, namely a 1429cc motor, anti-lock brakes, Kawasaki’s traction control system, and rider-selectable engine maps. As for looks…ZX-10R owners will be pleased. Photos after the jump, and if you read what appears to be Japanese, help us out with a translation in the comments. Thanks for the tip John!

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  • Jason

    Wow, this bike could be a revelation. If this is the real article, and it is as small and lightweight as it looks, and handles like a litrebike instead of a big tourer……. Well, I’m imaging this being to a ZX-10 what a ZX-10 is to a ZX-6. Not giving up much on handing and weight for the big-bore power. My interest is piqued!

  • Jason

    Hopefully I’m not totally highjacking the thread, but I’m sure a limitation to handling (lean-angle) with big bore bikes would be how wide the motor is across the frame. That got me thinking how Triumph has a special opportunity in the big-big-bore market if they ever wanted to compete there. A 1300 or 1400cc triple only as wide or heavy as a litrebike anyone? With racy geometry? …Guess I should be hoping for an 1100cc daytona first (wouldn’t WSBK’s set-up of 100cc I4 and 1200cc v2 mean an 1100cc I3?). I know I’d rather have a torque monster liter bike than the current offering of top end only power. That is the whole reason this new ZX tease is appealing to me…

  • Justyn

    According to teaser shots posted on the big ZX1400 forum (now pulled off at the request of Kawi) during US drag testing, the bootup screen on the new bike’s dash still shows the old 6 headlight design. I really hope the above spy shots are correct but it’s not looking likely.

  • T.J.

    Check this teaser!

  • AK

    look great from the front if its real… current gen is ugly as hell.

  • Jithin

    i can see 200-210ps at the bottom of the pic.

  • MikeD

    Waiting with LOTS OF SALT…U know…in case we get something new BUT as significant or under the level of BNGs.

    Wondering if they have another new(refreshed) watercrafts too like Yamaha did like a month ago…Lots of Salt on that one too…as i believe that gun still smoking.

  • Someones got news on this…and also does sound a bit pissed of.

  • BobD

    Lolz, Hellforleather decided to hate hard on you guys because this is probably fake. but at the end of the day: who the fuck cares, this is a free article to read, something those capitalistic, self-obsessed (no i dont give a fuck about the author acquiring a new concubine to spread his herpes to) pricks wont ever understand. And sure, if this was fake(it probably is, but you guys kinda thought that as well), it still doesnt out-weigh the hundreds of well-informed articles you do publish that are well worth my time (seldom to be said about hell for leather) added to the fact that the article’s title clearly states the uncertainty as to whether this is genuine, good journalism Asphalt, and thank you for being free!

  • nobody

    oh, Young Machine…
    in japan, nobody believes this magazine. lol

  • Richard Gozinya

    Ok, so HFL and A&R have both been tricked now. Does this mean the war of words moves onto something else, or will people just drop the petty crap?

    Oh, and BobD, pretty much every blog is run by capitalists, they all want to make some money off of it, they just do it in different ways (Subscription vs. ad revenue). I prefer the ad revenue approach, as do most people. Apparently it’s working for HFL though, so good for them.

  • Damo

    The problem isn’t so much that HFL is or isn’t money oriented so much as their articles, for the most part, wouldn’t be worth reading if they were free.

    With so many good websites that report news gratis, why would I pay for the haga they spin over there?

    Although I wish I could log onto HFL to give him the old, “You mad bro?”

  • Let’s turn the conversation away from the differences between “this is” and “is this” when framing articles, and instead focus on a far more interesting topic that comes from this nonsense.

    The great thing about the internet is that it creates an environment for a multitude of opinions and points-of-view, as the online medium itself, from a technical perspective, allows for instantaneous dialogue to surround a story/article.

    I actually really enjoy reading stories/comments from others that touch on a topic that I’ve also covered, especially when what’s written serves as a counterpoint to the issues. This comes back to the dialectal process that the internet creates, and from a journalistic perspective it makes for a more robust, accurate, and truthful stream of information for readers to digest.

    Unfortunately, the idea that there can only be one correct point-of-view or opinion is a pervasive belief in certain circles. When you try and curtail the conversation either directly (limiting who can comment and respond to what you’ve written), or indirectly (accosting any competing thought from others), you create an ecosystem prone to group-think behaviors. While that’s great for stroking egos, it brings little else to the table in my opinion.

    I don’t know why some want to frame things in “us” vs. “them” manner. There’s no scorecard here, at least I don’t keep one. The ethos of A&R has always been to take a deep-dive on the motorcycle industry, and to have a daily news element to help frame the topics of discussion.

    A well-reasonsed argument has been put forward that what Young Machine published, and what we covered, is in fact not the new ZX-14. While the more base conversation might revolve about who was right or wrong, I think the better point of conversation to have is about how great it is that such a reaction could occur over this story in such a short timespan.

    Now we just have to work on some elements of decorum in the process.

  • Damo

    Damn you Jensen, now I feel guilty.

    That was like one of those, “I am not so much angry, as I am disappointed” dad speeches I got as kid after hucking myself down a set of stairs on a skateboard for the sixth time.

    That being said one of the reasons I keep coming back to A&R is the oddly high level of civil debate that takes place here (for the most part). A rarity these days.

    Back on topic, I hope the pictures are in fact accurate, as relatively nimble 1400cc hyperbike would be right up my alley. I love the Hayabusa and ZX-14, but the handling just isn’t there for me.

  • ZX-14R is a special edition bike running fast in the streets and perform various perfect maneuvers in the streets.