2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC Breaks Cover

10/14/2010 @ 7:53 am, by Jensen Beeler16 COMMENTS

The first official photo of the much hyped 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC has hit the internet, finally showing us clearly what the off-road oriented adventure bike will look like in its final form.

Clad with knobbie tires, tubes, and a 21″ front wheel, the Triumph Tiger 800 XC will differ from its road warrior cousin the Triumph Tiger 800, which will have a 19″ front tire, sans tubes.

Triumph has already told us that the 2011 Triumph Tiger 800’s will have a steel frame, and you can expect the larger motor to have more horsepower and torque compared to the Triumph Daytona 675.

In the foreground of the photo we can see the stock Tiger 800 XC, but in the background we get a glimpse at some of the aftermarket parts for the adventure bike.

A high-mounted Arrow exhaust could have been assumed available without these photos, and of course there will be the additional brush guards and belly pans. Expect to see a variety of luggage options from Triumph as well.

Noticeably absent from these shots is the sign of ABS pick-ups, although the angles and zoom of the photo makes confirmation of that absent feature incredibly difficult, and it could after all be an optional package.

It would be peculiar if the 2011 Triumph Tiger came without ABS, as it seems every bike released this year comes with the budding technology, including the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple.

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  • Keith

    Gee I’ve always been told ABS on a dirt road, fire trail was a STUPID idea and judging by the tests I’ve done with a GMC jimmy and a Grand AM it’s true! Oh it’s true! ABS sucks the south end of a north bound hippo and you stop WAY long. no thanks, no abs for this luddite EVER.

  • From my experience, most people with “all road” bikes are running it on paved roads 90% of the time, so ABS might not be a very bad idea. Just switch it off when you do dirt, or deal with it. I have a Speed Triple (’09 model) and I really think it sucks that ABS is not available on my bike, because on tarmac, you want ABS.

    Triumph should at least make it available as an option to all bikes, so customers have a choice.

  • MTGR

    ABS is for people who can’t work a brake lever properly.

    Traction Control is for people who can’t twist the throttle properly.

    People who can’t work a lever or twist a grip likely have issues with balance as well so they should stick to 4 wheeled cages anyway.

  • Jake Fox

    Yeah, that must be why professional motorcycle racers at the highest level of their sport use both. They must not know how to ride a motorcycle.

  • Keith

    +10 with what jake said. ABS has a time and place or so I’m told.

  • irksome

    Traction and braking controls “at the highest levels of their sport” are contentious, depending on the racer; some like ’em, some don’t. But using that as an argument for us mere mortals is irrelevant; MotoGP bikes would spit each and every one of us off and eat us with pancakes, with or without said controls.

    I’ve never had the opportunity to ride a bike with ABS; not sure I’d really want to either. I’ve managed to survive riding for 35 years without and have severe Luddite tendencies as well. But hey, to each his own.

  • MikeD

    Watch out world, i(MTGR) have NO ABS and NO TC on my bike, im THE GREATEST rider EVAAAAR! OH, THE HUMANITY!

    Do u want me to stroke your ego some more, lube is aditional. lmao.

  • Looking at the following pictures:
    1) wireframe: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4036/5079239421_6afbc7d29b_b.jpg
    2) spy shot: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4039/5079240157_d8932bc220_b.jpg

    I am fairly certain that there will be an ABS option.

  • Fredrik,

    It’s interesting that both those photos are of the road-oriented model.

  • @Jenny: Regarding the wireframe picture you are of course correct – my mistake. However, I’m not so sure regarding the spy shot.

    Why? The bike on the photo seems to have the longer mud guard directly under the headlights (as opposed to the short one fitted on the road-oriented model). It also looks like it might have the spoke rims as opposed to the cast rims fitted on the road-oriented model (but it’s slightly hard to make out). What about the tire type on the spy shot? Well, either we’re seeing an XC with regular road tires fitted or maybe the exposure time of the photo makes the knobbie tires look like street tires.

  • rick

    another triumph junker——the triumph dealer still cant fix my 06 scrambler, keeps stalling going down the highway–dealer says they dont know whats wrong, dealer cant get parts from england——forget it buy some other more reliable brand

  • Did Triumph hire a new designer? The new Speed Triple looks like cheap plastic, and so does this new Tiger. Any news on when this guy is going to understand how a Triumph is supposed to look? Or is the finance/marketing involved in the *cough* design and discovered that plastics are cheaper to produce? It’s ugly and cheap looking (my personal opinion ofcourse)

  • As it turns out both models will be available with switchable ABS as an option. http://triumphadventure.com/ now has the full specifications for both models online.

  • karl

    Just took delivery of my new 2010 tiger 1050 , no abs, great bike, but if these new 2011 tigers came with a 1050 motor I would be slitting my wrists right now as they look sweeeet! Good job Triumph .

  • Bert

    Gotta have ABS for those situatons on road where the idiots pull out in front of you. It has to be switchable on a DS since is brutal off pavement. I want one of these bad…..

  • Keith

    @bert if you need ABS when someone pulls out in front of you then you’ve already screwed up and WILL crash. Everyone else just uses one of the several escape points they have preselected. 8^) I’ve yet to have issue with the many morons that have LT’d me. Swerve and scoot, swerve and maintain or brake and swerve….abs never comes into the picture.