2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC Breaks Cover

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The first official photo of the much hyped 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC has hit the internet, finally showing us clearly what the off-road oriented adventure bike will look like in its final form.

Clad with knobbie tires, tubes, and a 21″ front wheel, the Triumph Tiger 800 XC will differ from its road warrior cousin the Triumph Tiger 800, which will have a 19″ front tire, sans tubes.

Triumph has already told us that the 2011 Triumph Tiger 800’s will have a steel frame, and you can expect the larger motor to have more horsepower and torque compared to the Triumph Daytona 675.

In the foreground of the photo we can see the stock Tiger 800 XC, but in the background we get a glimpse at some of the aftermarket parts for the adventure bike.

A high-mounted Arrow exhaust could have been assumed available without these photos, and of course there will be the additional brush guards and belly pans. Expect to see a variety of luggage options from Triumph as well.

Noticeably absent from these shots is the sign of ABS pick-ups, although the angles and zoom of the photo makes confirmation of that absent feature incredibly difficult, and it could after all be an optional package.

It would be peculiar if the 2011 Triumph Tiger came without ABS, as it seems every bike released this year comes with the budding technology, including the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple.

Source: HFL