UPDATE: Triumph has debuted the Tiger 800 & Tiger 800 XC at EICMA.

After a single photo of the 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC made its way onto the interwebs last week, we finally have the full set of pictures from that photo shoot, along with action shots of the Tiger Triumph 800, and studio shots of both bikes.

The two Tiger 800’s are essentially the same beasts underneath their slightly different exteriors, but the most obvious differences gleaned from these photos is the Triumph Tiger 800’s shorter length forks compared to the Tiger 800 XC’s, which obviously have to accomodate a larger-sized wheel (21″ compared to the road-going 800’s 19″ wheel).

Additionally the Tiger 800 XC gains pieces that add to its off-road prowess, such as hand guards and longer mud guard. Optional accessories seem to include fog lights, skid guards, crash bars, and an Arrow exhaust system. We’ll have to wait longer for official specifications, but check-out the gallery of 37 photos after the jump.

2011 Triumph Tiger 800 & 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC Action Shots:

2011 Triumph Tiger 800 & 2011 Triumph Tiger 800 XC Studio Shots:

Source: MotorInfo.hu

  • bikepilot

    Cool! The standard 800 looks like it’d be a fantastic urban commuter. Any word on pricing, weight, power output etc?

  • brij

    i am in love with the XC! Yes!! we defnitely need to know about the pricing!!

  • Jake Fox

    I quite fancy it. (Did that sound British enough?)

  • bike looks badass!!! love some of the shots too, especially number 7 (of 37), the vista, just nice.

    definitely diggin’ it

  • dbqfan

    Nice looking GS800. Why buy a copy when I can buy the real deal and get a BMW GS800. I don’t like copy cat bikes. Everyone would ask me why I bought a Triumph and not the BMW GS….

  • Jake Fox

    Simple. You were hoping to avoid all the BMW recalls.

  • queenpdog

    Why not a 800 GS?

    More expensive, less horsepower, broken chains, bent shock bolts, leaky gaskets…….the issues are well documented. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve owned several BMW’s R1150R, F650GS, and R100RS) and they make a fine bike. However, now I ride a Street Triple and the motor is pure sex. Zero issues so far, and I saved a boatload of cash over the F800ST I was looking at. The Tiger will be a winner.

  • Steve

    I have been eyeing the wee strom as a lower cost alternative to the f650GS but will now wait to see the entry price for this bike. I really like the lines of the bike. Thanks for the pics.

  • Todd

    Looks Great! especially the XC version. Already have an 07 Daytona and a 07 T-100 both with a fair number of miles on them with no problems. I have had BMWs,ducs even an MV f4-1000 plus too many others to mention here .many of which cost way more than my triumphs that I didn”t enjoy half as much! I have myself been in the market for a sport adventure bike to add to my fleet and like the V-strom 650 which I like alot,however, I might have to consider yet another Triumph!

  • T2P

    I started on a Duke Multi 600 a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it. I have since progressed onto a Duke ST4, which has a beast of an engine, but for the most part it’s a dog and I’m going to sell it. Thus, I will be bikeless. Not a bad thing with the winter bearing down on us. I was planning on saving my ££s and buying a STriple in the Spring. However, I’m an adventure fan and with the Tiger arrival I now know what I will be spending my money on next year! The bike looks fantastic and not a bad word said so far about performance and components. BMW v Triumph? No contest, BMW have been trading on history and taken their eyes off the ball – they’re now playing catch-up in the middleweight adventure class. Well done Hinckley!